Has anyone else had bad reactions to chocolate?


Has anyone else had bad reactions to chocolate? In the past I have been able to have it, but lately even small amounts give me headaches and make me itchy. I am getting this reaction from both milk and dark chocolate and also dairy free chocolates.

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  1. I can't eat a lot of any chocolate. I like dairy free chocolate and I can eat a few pieces only without it affecting my stomach.

  2. Chocolate brings on migraines for me

  3. yes, chocolate can be a trigger for headaches and migraines. Once we start cleaning up our diets – like going GF/DF- we become more in tune with other food insensitivities. Once your gut heals though, you may be able to eat some of these foods again. Here's an article I wrote on migraine/headache triggers….it does suck about not being able to eat chocolate for sure https://healthybeet.ca/what-to-avoid-if-you-get-migraines/

  4. Chocolate is an antihistamine


    Yes I have injoy life chocolate is dairy soy gluten free and nut free so all of the common allergy free . I eat that

  5. dark chocolate usually gives me headaches so I have always stayed away from that. I usually have milk chocolate but because of my dairy allergy and sugar problem I no longer can have that :-/

  6. I found out chocolate candy usually has soy…which I avoid for this reason

  7. Dark chocolate gives me a headache

  8. I am allergic to both the coffee bean and the cocoa bean, in addition to dairy, gluten and a whole host of other things. You may be allergic to the bean itself.

  9. Yep. Chocolate is one of only two things I still find it worthwhile to "cheat" on. When I cheat I can mitigate it to some extent by taking benedryl. At some point in the near future I may decide that it just isn't worth it either. The headaches, to my mind, are not as concerning as the itchiness. If you get itchy, skin or throat, that puts the reaction on the same track that could end up in anaphylaxis. The headaches are a pain, literally, but generally there is no long term consequence of them.


  10. For baking needs you might want to check out the Sunspire Vegan Carob chips. They do not have milk as an ingredient but I think that with the last update to their packaging they do disclose shared equipment or shared location but not the same line.

  11. Chocolate gives me chronic sinusitis

  12. I get a burney, itchey feeling in the back of my throat when I eat chocolate and the darker the chocolate the worse it is.

  13. Pascha is dairy and soy free

  14. Many contain corn!

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