Has anyone ever got excema from the borax?


Has anyone ever got excema from the borax? Something I am taking is causing it.

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  1. Are you eating gluten, grain or dairy?

  2. Not me. If anything my skin is slowly clearing.

  3. My husband never had eczema a day in his life, until I got him started on the protocol, and he decided he wanted chocolate coconut water. It had carrageenan in it. It took months to clear up

  4. Vicki Hadley Ross No gluten , or Dairy. i eat quinoa and millet.

  5. Tonya Alt I do eat stevia chocolate by Lilys. I wonder if that is the culprit? I hate to give it up but my hands are a mess.

  6. I've got excema from borax since I've overdosed it in January…

  7. My thought is that the excema is the result of detox. Idk if that's possible, but everybody reacts to detox differently, so….

  8. Detox from yeast. Increase probiotics

  9. You absolutely can react to borax. Everyone can react to something that can be good for us. For me, it's baking soda. Can't touch it with a ten foot pole.

  10. No one said you can't react to borax. Detox is a reaction

  11. It could be a simple reaction to borax or a reaction to or symptoms of detox.

  12. The question is it a reacting to the work it is doing within or are you allergic to it? Have you looked up what side effects there are to borax/boron?

  13. I do have candida , been on a very restrictive diet , also take anti fungals and probiotics.

  14. That's one reason I am taking it.

  15. Lots not forget though that the borax we consume isn't totally pure or free of contaminates. Just because it's essential to your body, doesn't mean you aren't reacting to it or some contaminate or additive in either the borax, the packaging or in the processing. The answer isn't simply it has to be detox.

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