Has anyone ever had a Pinched Nerve?


Please help!! Has anyone ever had a PINCHED NERVE in their neck that radiates pain down the arm and a bit of numbness and tingling in two of their fingers and achy pain down the arm? Under a CHIROPRACTIC’s care but it’s going on a month now and still having a lot of discomfort. HOW LONG DOES THIS CRAP LAST?

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  1. After a month of something like that I went to a physical therapist who put a hot/warm, MOIST special collar on/around the neck and shoulders…in five minutes, I felt it release. All best wishes.

  2. I did and used decompression

  3. Had that for months – chiro who does myofascial release & applied kinesiology relieved the pain. Ultimately dx with a torn labrum in that shoulder. But by then had full use again & no pain so haven't had surgical repair.

  4. My husband has gone through exactly this recently. MRI. He was prescribed a form of prednisone (I almost vomited) to lessen the inflammation between discs and today he is starting physical therapy. If the therapy doesn't work they will be injecting cortisone into the tiny spot between discs and it will require anesthesia and a surgeon since this area is so small but controls so much. FYI.

  5. Bowen therapy can help with these issues too. And definitely try topical magnesium. Best of luck.

  6. Get away from the chiropractor. Get an MRI, you might have a slipped disk or a degenerated disk. Nothing to mess with.

  7. Yes, get MRI.

  8. imaging and reduction of swelling in the cervical spine worked for me. my work is physical and i suffered for months with this very thing. chiro, ice, yoga and PT did nothing but aggravate. finally went to ER with unbearable pain and numbness. one week of topical magnesium and prednisone reduced the swelling and finally the nerve released. sometimes conventional western medicine is needed and beneficial to ending the chain reaction cycle.

  9. omgosh.. my dog did…. and it awful to see the pain he was in… hope you find relief Michelle. and fast. x3C3

  10. You have a herniated disc

  11. My son had these s/s — after CTs, MRI', multiple specialists was dx with with "nerve impingement syndrome" Dr said time and antiinflammatory Rx. Took years – but having everything else ruled out was helpful.

  12. Maybe try a different chiro. Ive had some that worked magic and others that did nothing or made it worse. I prefer chiro that use the little gun actuators, i hate the kind that crack me.

  13. Pinched nerve in the cervical spine. Ice to reduce swelling. No chiro cracking!!!!!!

  14. Yes…you need to get an MRI done to see what is going on…I have s bulging disc in my neck

  15. Physical therapy and changing your diet helps alot with keeping inflammation down.

  16. I would start with physical therapy. A good therapist will send you on if you need a scan or another doctor.

  17. I have very progressive spinal degenerative disease. Every level in my spine is herniated except for one level in the thoracic area. I have had 2 lumbar fusions because of spondylolthesis and the cervical spine is completely herniated with cord compression. Needless to say I live in constant pain. Following an antiinflammatory diet has reduced my pain levels greatly. Consider it. It helps.

  18. Thank you!!!!

  19. How about massage in between treatments to relax the muscles as well. My hips kept popping out of place until I alternated massages with chiropractic care. Finally the muscle relaxed and allowed the bones to stay where they belonged.

  20. Try to find a chiropractor that does Cox's flexion distraction technique. Dr.Seleme has an awsome organic millet pillow that can be molded to help relieve pressure on the vertebrae. It comes with a manual. I love mine! Actually, there was so much millet in the pillow I bought another case and made two pillows out of the one! I've had my pillow for 3 yrs now.

  21. Sounds a lot like what my aunt had been going thru for last couple of years,she just had surgery on couple of her neck vertebrae just a couple days ago

  22. It's probably your funny bone. (Ulnar nerve) it starts in your neck.

    I'm having issues with mine currently and am seeing a physical therapist that specializes in hands for it which is helping greatly. Try not to lean on your elbows too much

  23. It sounds odd but Ihave nerve issues that improve when I avoid sugar and carbs. Numbness, etc. I am not sure what the specific cause is, but I was diagnosed w/ carpal tunnel syndrome. I hope you find a solution !

  24. I have sprayed the magnesium oil on the pinched nerve are and hit it with infer red heating pad by battle creek on amazon or a lumen Photon pad or any red wave length lights Take care

  25. Bowen therapy

  26. Sometimes a pinched nerve is the result of bone spurs and disc degeneration. While homeopathic treatments have their place, sometimes surgery is the final solution. Don't discount surgery as a possible solution. I suffered for three years before finally agreeing to surgery.

  27. Let's not confuse natural treatments with homeopathy. Homeopathy is literally sugar water. The basis is treating "like with like" and diluting a substance until it is no longer detectable.

  28. I know I laid in my bed for 2 wks waiting for my pt appoint . Pressure points and lite neck stretches and using a tennis ball rolling up down your neck an arm helps the nerves because they get bunched up from the inflammation the ball going up and down engages the nerves fire back up and flow the way they are supposed to if that makes sense it the way I was explained by my therapist. Look up tennis ball therapy. Heat heat and lots of heat !

  29. Yes. For 28 years. My life sucked. I'm seeing a new Physical Therapist and he found that I had a raised rib. Between PT and following the protocol on this page, I feel better than I have in literally 28 years. I'm 48. I have DDD and a bulging disc in my neck, which doctors assumed was the problem with my arm. Don't give up.

  30. Yes – get an X-ray. Rule out cervical rib or thoracic outlet syndrome. Find another chiropractor .

  31. After going for MRI to ensure no damage, a good acupuncturist can do wonders.

  32. I have had it on both sides. Buy a TENS machine(bought mine on amazon). Do the treatment with a warm towel and you will start feeling amazing probably after the first therapy. Also, don't stop going to the chiropractor cause that would help long term. The first time it took a year without this machine. The second side took one month to rehab. Good luck!

  33. Thanks people. I truly appreciate all of your inputs!!!

  34. Dry needing also is an option good luck

  35. I had pinched nerves at c5 and c6. Excruciating ache down my arm. Surgery was being considered. My liver was overloaded from alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen every day. Celebrex did not help. I started drinking ginger tea and taking ginger supplements several times a day, and I know it sounds crazy, but I started having stretches of real pain relief, and within a couple more weeks I was healed. This was a year ago. Try ginger supplements and Yogi ginger tea. Highly anti-inflammatory.

  36. I have had pinched nerves in arm and neck chiro didnt help , my oestopath is great at giving me relief even on first visit

  37. I got relief from an upper cervical chiro. The regular chiro did not help.

  38. Ashleyblackguru.com and I dont sell it♡

  39. Mag a hol

  40. I have a similar thing Dr diagnosed ulnar neuropathy. Deep massage on the neck and forearms and neck stretching exercises helped. Also a good memory foam pillow and try not to sleep on your side crunching your arms.

  41. I haven't read all the comments but if it is pinky and ring finger then …. this link. But, I had surgery for it and still problems at my shoulder. Tendinitis sucks too. Before an ortho pushes syrgery, see if some therapy can reverse a Lil pain. Good luck!

  42. Chiropractor got rid of mine. Maybe a couple of months can't remember

  43. Currently experiencing this, woke 10 days ago spasm in shoulder blade horrendous pinch nerve pain down arm into hand, literally felt like railroad spike going through hand, 2 Dr appointments was prescribed 6 day prednisone no reluef, he did new xray degenerative discs neck. Am awaiting physical therapy appt.in 2 days, I've used flexion flossing yoga strap, Epsom salt tub soaks which offered great temporary relief, after initial day ice I've constantly got heat on it and muscle relaxers. Worse pain ever was contemplating calling orthopedic Dr clinic make appt with a Dr there specializing in shoulder pain but after reading comments here may be best to start and try physiotherapist in Therapy .ty all for great advice input

  44. I get great results from an intense massage therapist. Good luck!

  45. Check out john bergmans videos

  46. warm moist heat fixed it for me. A professional did it. She had a warmer full of these compresses and I actually heard it release.

  47. Heat inflames nerves and would cause a flare up. Cold would be a better option for nerves and heat for muscle pain/

  48. Michelle Yager what treatment did you choose and how long before you had relief? My first physical therapy session is today, also have appointment the 20th with orthopedic dr..

  49. “IF” this is a disc herniation or disc bulge in the neck and chiropractic adjustments aren't helping, I find non- surgical spinal decompression to be extremely helpful. I had three large herniations in my neck that this fixed as well as numerous patients. Find someone who can rule out other issues that can lead to these symptoms, eg thoracic outlet syndrome, brachial neuritis, as well as some more nefarious things. Good luck!

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