Has anyone ever used this product Fibro Flex?


Has anyone ever used this product Fibro Flex? It is a spray of Magnesium plus other Homeopathic pain reliever. This is a Fibro management site which advocates Magnesium as a necessary component of managing FM. (I am in misery morning, not noon however, and night) Mag-A-Hol isn’t working enough and I’m going through it like crazy. Advil and drugs are the only relief right now. Massage and Chiro adjustments last for about a few hours only. Jesus, enough already.
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  1. I say go for it! I'm in a similar spot as you. I've tried everything over the years, and so far nothing has touched my fibro pain. Other than a few hours' relief from massage or infrared sauna. If it helps, let me know.

  2. You could make your own mag-a-hol, way cheaper. If you have not considered doing an elimination diet , now may be the time. I was at my ropes end 3 years ago before giving it a go. 3 years later and I think fibro is a thing of the past, but then again so are grains , eggs, dairy, and nightshades- since giving them up I have had a steady recovery.

  3. Use all the mag protocols, and also look up turmericlife.com.au and find out about Golden Paste for pain and inflammation

  4. I looked at the Fibro Flex website and it has a 30 day money back guarantee. Definitely worth a try.

  5. Tumeric! (Also make sure you are getting your B6) Another thing I did notice an improvement when I gave up milk but that is not everybody.

  6. This is just homeopathic mag chloride. You can make it yourself much cheaper. It's easy.

  7. According to the label, this does not contain mag chloride just a homeopathic remedy. Mag chloride isn't homeopathic

    Is your bottle showing different ingredients?

  8. Make sure you aren't exposed to toxic mold. Believe it or not it is often the cause of fibro!

  9. Are you following the whole magnesium protocol? Have you had the recommended testing done? Any testing by your doctor?

  10. Try Arnica Montana for pain. It might help you.

  11. I sent u a pm

  12. If there should be a miracle cure, we should all know by now, sadly there isn't…just another waiste of time and hope…

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