Has anyone given Natural Calm to a child his age?


Dosing of Natural Calm for a toddler (18 mos). I’m trying to figure out the proper dosing for my 18 month boy for Natural Calm (mag citrate). He is chronically constipated for almost a year and we are awaiting stool results. I don’t need ideas to help his constipation (we have tried everything, and his diet is perfect). I’m trying to see if Natural Calm will alleviate his constipation, but I get nervous about the dosage, not wanting to give him too much. 1/2 tsp is about 80 mg, the recommended dosage for his age, but that does not cause a bowel movement. Today we tried 3/4 tsp – no BM. How high can we go? I know that magnesium can sometimes be contraindicated with kidney issues. I don’t think he has that, but he was found to have hydronephrenosis (enlargement of kidneys) via ultrasound. His doctor said that is not uncommon and will likely go down on its own. I guess that’s why I’m nervous about giving magnesium. His GI doc knows we are giving it, but didn’t seem sure about dosing as they usually just prescribe Miralax. Can anyone help? Has anyone given Natural Calm to a child his age? We also use a mag chloride spray on him and give him Epsom salt baths every 3 days.

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  1. Extra water/hydration is needed with any Mg supplementation. Mg draws body water into the gut.

  2. He is still nursing once a day, and a few times at night (we co-sleep). He doesn't drink much liquids otherwise besides 5-10 oz of water. We just can't seem to get much down him, but he does have wet diapers throughout the day and night.

  3. Possibly needs to be encouraged to have a little more water, even good quality 100% green coconut water. Hydration is super important.

  4. Have you tried using a syringe to get it down him? That is what I do for my 5 yr old. They also have a kids calm. I haven't tried it yet. I'm waiting until he has his scope done. He has EE. Good luck and let me know if you notice a difference.

  5. A syringe to get water down? We used to do that, but he fights is and spits anything out. We could not get a significant amount of water down that way. He does take the natural calm in one ounce of water mixed with applesauce.

  6. What is EE?

  7. So hard to get fluids in little kids. Have you tried spoon or two of olive oil first thing in morning or prune juice ? I personally would feel comfortable gradually going up to 1.5, then reducing when bowels loosen. If I stayed at 1.5 for a couple weeks and still not regular I would maybe be a little worried! I don't know how high you can go but that is what I would do. The next thing to consider is enemas? What is his perfect diet? I'm currently giving my 4 year old, who weighs 35 pounds, 1 teaspoon and working my way up to 2 teaspoons. The day it helped was the day I gave the olive oil and coconut oil first thing in the morning.

  8. Exercise also helps move things

  9. Gluten and dairy cause constipation in many children or adults. Diet really is the key. I agree to more healthy fats such as olive or coconut oil. We have used apple/prune juice also. Good luck. At this young age enemas are easy and effective. Do a little research.

  10. Cate Marino we are exact same. Up to 1/2 teaspoon but not very effective so I combine with mag ascorbate ( vit c)… My fella gets tons if fat & prune juice & kraut juice. It's tough!!!

  11. What is EE?

  12. EE stands for eosonophilic Esophagitis. It's where there is inflammation in their esophagus. Some say it's caused by certain foods. That isn't the case for my son. He has been through all the allergy testing. I won't do the elimination diet because he is already at the bottom of his weight bracket. He has had failure to thrive and don't want to get him back to that point. EE is diagnosed with a upper endoscopy.

  13. Oh and no I don't use the syringe to get water down. I use it for his stomach med and for milk of magnesium.

  14. Watermelon or popsicles have a lot of water content..that might help

  15. Lucinda, I'm not sure if you saw I said his diet is good. He's on gaps. No grains or dairy. We do tons of fats, oils, avocado, etc. I'm not sure if you also saw we have tried everything so prune and apple juice are the obvious ones to start with, and we have tried those. We also do enemas. I have done a lot of research. I spend every free moment researching. I was asking about dosage for natural calm specifically, not diet. Thanks anyway.

  16. Sarah, does that help your lo with the mag ascorbate?

  17. Yes Cate Marino it works. He gets a lot. Doc tells me safe. But high dose for 22 mth

  18. Becky, I might try Popsicles more to help the mag work. I recently discovered he doesn't mind the cold anymore. Thank you.

  19. 1000mg. One scoop of biocare mag ascorbate

  20. U may need less

  21. Sarah, Do you have his blood work and kidneys checked often? I'm wondering if we need to if we increase dosages. Can you link the mag ascorbate you use?

  22. I buy in local health shop. Try Google x

  23. Do you have to have his kidneys checked?

  24. To monitor while on high dosages?

  25. I don't. Im not worried about mag. Vit c does worry me. Am trying herbs and looking into liquid l carnitine as other options

  26. You've had stool tested, right? I remember from gaps group. We are in this together

  27. It looks like the brand you get is UK. I'm going to look to see what they have in U.S.

  28. Yup got stool tested. Amazon should have biocare

  29. I thought this was Gaps!! Was wondering when I saw questions on diet. Vit c a big no.no in this group

  30. Were the results telling? Did they help in any way?

  31. Lol whoops!!

  32. I'm not judging

  33. Yes. No parasites!!! Small bit of yeast. Expected much worse! I think he has poor muscle tone in bowel and is with holding

  34. Have you tried attacking yeast? We tried garlic and some herbals to attack possible yeast for a week and he started going on his own! Then we had to stop to get stool samples. I might try that again, but holding out a couple days for stool results.

  35. What makes you think poor muscle tone and withholding? I have also wondered about that with my boy.

  36. What does he weigh?

  37. He weighs 26 pounds. 75th percentile in weight. 25th percentile height

  38. Cate Marino what herbals did u use? We are treating yeast but has not resulted in poo. His bloated belly and behaviour make me think tone and withholding. The l carnitine is to improve bowel tone. Read Kelly dorfman md..how to cure your child with food

  39. Sarah, I'm tutoring students today, but can you PM me so that I remember at the end of the day to message you the herbals?

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