Has anyone gotten anxiety with cod liver oil?


Has anyone gotten anxiety with cod liver oil ? I swear I’m so sensitive and it’s making me insane !!

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  1. scale your dose way back … start with one drop 🙂

  2. I took one capsule !!!

  3. Can I break open the capsule and do drops

  4. Everyone will respond differently. I have no issues with it.

  5. Diane do you have liquid ??? Or capsules ?

  6. We are all different I'm sensitive and was surprised

  7. I guess I should have gotten liquid . Yeah anxiety is a beast for me

  8. What is WP

  9. If it makes you feel bad, don't take it.

  10. I found this when I took it and my kids reacted too, however a few months down the line and we all benefit from it. The reactions only happened the first few times and I just cut back, my biomed doctor advised a slow and steady approach.

  11. You may be reacting to the gelcap and not the CLO.

  12. I got SUPER anxious when I took those pills! I contacted the company and of course they said that shouldn't happen at all

  13. High in histamine… and that makes some of us react with anxiety.

  14. How was your magnesium level on your HTMA? Maybe you are low….

  15. Yes! Extreme and lasted for days. I'm calm now & quit taking most supplements and was thinking about adding it back just to be 100% sure. The company said it could be the capsule material it is in so thought about squeezing it out to try.

  16. I can't take it either. Causes Brain fog for me. I have not tried Rositas but have tried Nordic Naturals. I bought it at Whole Foods so the source was reputable. Maybe it's high in amines ?

    I take a product called Vectomega which is salmon oil from Terry Naturally. No problems with that so far but I have not taken it continuously.

    Also desiccated beef liver is a great source of naturally occurring vitamin A, copper and iron.

  17. I introduced both cod liver oil and Wholefood C and stopped both to see if the nausea I experienced could have been caused by either! The nausea stopped! Reading all this I wonder if the codliver oil was the culprit!!!! I took a teaspoon , likely too much!
    Read somewhere to take it with a fatty meal, something I did not do…

  18. I'm fine with cod liver oil but can't take evening primrose oil similar symptoms

  19. Sometimes people actually have an imbalance of fats, most people are deficient in omega 3's but to my understanding some can actually be deficient in omega 6's. Sometimes those that react to clo are deficient in omega 6's. To my understanding it is all about balance and that is what causes a reaction for some people who can't tolerate omega 3's and some that can't tolerate omega 6's (evening primrose).

  20. Maybe you do not have the cofactors to process all that vitamin A…

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