Has anyone had any experience with MRSA?


I have an urgent request. I just found out late this evening that my 19 year old daughter was transferred via ambulance to a regional medical center where she is fighting MRSA and on IV medication (she mentioned antibiotics and morphine but may not know everything they are giving her). She’d had a fall and needed stitches but apparently there was some contamination that became a systemic infection. They told her if she’d waited another day it probably would have killed her. She has been in the crisis stabilization unit for 3 days, so any alternative options at this point are probably nil. But does anyone know if there ARE any options? Has anyone had any experience with MRSA?

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  1. I haven't had a chance to catch up on all the comments, but thank you all for your suggestions and prayers. They say she is better but her right eye is swollen shut and black. A lot of the right side of her face and all under her neck is as well. She has two catheters in her arms and is on a heart monitor. But I did get her to take a capsule with oregano, On Guard, and frankincense essential oils in it as well as a dose of black seed oil and medical grade manuka honey mixed together. I wanted to leave it for her but she said she wouldn't take any more. Apparently the also have her on potassium. They may be moving her to a different room tomorrow, but that isn't certain.

    On another note, she changed her story about how she got the initial injury, and the second one is more questionable than the first. She is in an abusive relationship, so even when she pulls through this, there are remaining concerns. I just hope and pray she doesn't shut us out again…

    Thank you, everyone!

  2. Carm McKinney you need to be very careful of your words when it comes to essential oils or herbs . NO one is aloud to say they have been proven to work on anything. You can say if you use such oils etc. you can say they can help support your Immune system, nervous system etc. These types of statements the FDA is after people using such comments . If you or the company you get reported your company will be charged if not shut down. And for yourself they start at $10,000.00 fine up to 10 million. So please for all of us be very careful in what your saying as I love my Young Living oils and I follow the rules .

  3. I suggest prayer is the best thing anyone can do at this point. Dear Lord help her daughter to receive healing, & her her mother to have faith that you are there with both of them. I ask for your help in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  4. Essential oils have been studied for their effectiveness on mrsa. Hospitals are defusing OnGuard by DoTerra with much success.
    Here's a published study that may prove helpful


  5. Now how you posted Annette is appropriate as you are sending the person to the link to read it themselves. NO one is aloud to say such words as posted above. I just dont want people to ruin in for others. Perhaps Do Terra should review the rules with there distributors.

  6. just out of curiosity .. how would anyone find out someone was saying anything about a product or how its used… allowed or not .. there have been suggestions made … 🙂

  7. This happened to me. 6x.
    Picked it up in hospital when I had my csection.
    Septic each time. Once the infection went into my brain.

    My little one also now has been diagnosed with Mrsa infections. I was only 20 at the time too

  8. I totally understand were your coming from Lark Rafuse. so what you have to do is send them to the link to read about the article and the article is your tool to have them read. Then suggest after they read the article to contact you . AT that time you could ask them would they be interested in trying any of the oils listed for there health issue. And NO you cant state what the health issue is either its not aloud. For example if they have allergies you could say lavender may be beneficial to help there respiratory system. These are the new rules that the FDA has put out there is we dont follow them we will lose are precious oils ):

  9. Colloidal silver….thinking of you both.

  10. Have you considered monolaurin?http://www.ppt-health.com/mrsa-information-see-also-monolaurin-essential-oils/ I would also consider homeopathy. We fought a staph infection with my daughter for 4 months with high dose antibiotics and her bloodwork tested clear and then a week later it was raging again and the doctors wanted to just put her back on the antibiotics for longer. I called a pharmacist friend in FL who specializes in pharmacognsy. She got with the doctors of what was then HEEL and they sent me the homeopathic regime that they use in Europe as the first line of defense against staph. We used it for 3 weeks and it was gone. I have since used homeopathy for many other things. I would be happy to pass on her number and you can give her a call and she what she suggests. HEEL no longer operates in the US but Desert Biologicals does.

  11. Dr. Robert Thompson recommended Argentyn 23 to me on my last cold. Truly, if it were my daughter, I would find a way to get some fast and sneak it to her however I could. It is NANO SILVER — NOT Colloidal Silver. He swears it kills anything. Order it in whatever size you can get within 24 hours on Amazon Prime and spend whatever you have to, it works! It is pricey, but totally worth it if it will save her life. Let me know, Kim Tracey Konash if you have any questions. I have SOME documents from the company, as we applied for a wholesale account and they sent me some documentation. It's not much, but it's something. God bless.


  12. Our prayers for you and your daughter. .

  13. The nest thing for MRSA is manuka honey – get the 16 at least. Cures in 24-48 hours if topical.

  14. So, sorry to hear about your daughter. Keeping her in my prayers… I had MRSA and used Silver Wings Colloidal Silver (500 ppm) internally and externally. Also did Turmeric Milk, heavy dosing of Vitamin C and coconut oil medicinally (3 1/2 tablespoons daily). Have seen the concerned naysayers to C. Silver but don't fear. I have used it with success and no ill effects at various times for over ten years. They say you would have to drink a swimming pools worth to turn grey. Also, you might check and see if the hospital is using it on her already? A Dr. told me just a couple of years ago that they are using C.S. in hospitals now but it comes with a criminal price tag of $100 a dose. Besides the MRSA, I've used it for strep throat, chest/lung infections, eye infections and a very serious surgical wound infection after open heart surgery and it has never failed me except when I tried the weaker stuff, which was a waste of money. So, in my opinion ~ it has to be the strong dose of the 500 ppm. Now, I swear this is no lie ~ a dear friend diagnosed with throat cancer, who could barely talk and was getting ready to be put on a feeding tube, started on a Monday with the Silver Wings I had recommended to him and by Wednesday was able to eat a bowl of chili. By Friday, he was able to eat steak! The stuff is amazing! The turmeric is mighty potent too and just found this earlier today and don't believe it was a coincidence: http://www.getholistichealth.com/41297/the-most-powerful-natural-antibiotic-ever-kills-any-infections-in-the-body/
    Also, with all the antibiotics, don't forget she will need probiotics! Good Luck to your sweet daughter ~ please keep us updated…

  15. I utilized Lemongrass Essential Oil ( by Young Living) for my husband when he has MRSA last year.

  16. There is a woman in FB name; Raquel Donate, she has a vaccine injured baby and is doing several detoxing with her daughter.I'm quite sure she will have loads of suggestions as she does eons of medical detoxes etc. for her baby. good luck.

  17. Tea tree oil and tea tree oil soap is what my sister in law used on her son.

  18. I keep hearing about onguard by doterra for mrsa http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15555788 I know some others mentioned it…just wanted to reinforce that !! Prayers sent x3C3

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  20. How is your daughter doing, Kim Tracey Konash? Praying for her.

  21. I talked to her briefly today; she has been moved to a different room, which is a good sign. She is still very weak and tired and it was painful to look at what this injury and infection has done to her. It looks like she will recover, at least physically, but I am really afraid for the situation she is in.

  22. Kim, I am glad that they moved your daughter to a different room like you said.

  23. UPDATE: Lauren posted something tonight after they moved her. The doctor said she probably won't be released for another week. They found some more bacteria growing and they don't know if it's from her eye injury or something else. I'm going to try to get back to see her again on Sunday. She didn't know her privacy code or what it was, so I can't get any information directly from medical staff, which would probably help. Lauren knows that I know more about these things than she or the people she lives with do, so I'm hoping and praying that the lines of communication stay open. Even though it pains me to see her injured and ill, she is probably safer where she is at the moment.

  24. Kim Tracey Konash I am glad that she is safe – and thank you for updating us…..so as her mother you still need to get her permission to get info directly from the staff? I guess that makes sense since she is an adult…..,must be so tough for you. Hang in there. Still thinking of you 🙂

  25. UPDATE: Lauren posted a status message last night. Doctors are now saying she needs plastic surgery on her eye or she could go blind (without being graphic, her right eye did not look like an eye when I saw it). Apparently her BF and his mother have threatened her again in regard to contact with me so I have not been able to get through to her by phone. But my older daughter may be able to. Is there anything that can be put on (in is not an option; the eye is swollen shut and black) her eye that could help?

  26. Not totally grasping the dynamics but there is heaviness there! I first of all want to say I am so sorry; sounds like there is a lot of energy going to emotions. Are
    you familiar with Louise Hay's little booklet Heal your Body? Eye issues are explained as ; what is it you don't want to see, and an array of other stress reasons and metaphysical ways to overcome issues. It's a great tool to access emotions . Stress as we all know, affects our immune system.

  27. I just read on the mag page that Dr Robert Thompson has had luck with MRSA in the Maxillary sinus by giving the patient IV Silver.Good luck.

  28. Ch Kim
    I am so sorry your daughter is going through this and that you are unable to be there. Can you get the police involved if she is in danger with this guy and his mother?

  29. Do terra essential oil claims they have one that can fight off MRSA. I am sure a rep will sell to you, under $100. I am not a rep. Personally I would try it, because MRSA IS DANGEROUS. she will be weak for a while (weeks). and need help recovery. Probiotics. Consider something called Restore, as well. Liquid supplements sold online. Hugs and best wishes to you and your family.

  30. Two more cents : go silver ! Can't hurt to tell doctors to look into using colloidal silver. It's used on burn patients, perhaps prayer and persistence to them they may be able to add it to their protocol.

  31. Remember that colloidal silver is not a nutrient and negatively impacts several important minerals when used in that fashion.

  32. As MJ Hampstead say, colloidal silver is not a nutrient and seriously impacts your kidneys (and other organs) in an irreversable way.

  33. Is there any good use for colloidal silver then? For anything?

  34. Argriphilia (sp?) is when the skin tarnishes due to the oxidized silver that has accumulated in the interstitial spaces of your tissues throughout the body. Colloidal silver cannot enter into our cells so it accumulates. It can have effects, but not the same benefits as the pico silver. The turning dark of the silver accumulating in the skin is the same way air turns your silver black over time. This was the basis for the original "blue man" appearance.

  35. Thanks. Where do you get the pico or nano and can it be applied topically or is it only used IV?

  36. OK so I was just added to this group. Giving medical advice without patient full history is dangerous. Totally calling you out on that. 2nd. It's mrsa meaning it's resistant to ONE FREAKING LINE OF ANTIBIOTICS!!!! Typically treated with vancomycin and most people carry it at some form in there life. It's been found in ancient samples and not beloved any longer to have ordinated from antibiotic use.

    Your daughter's 19 she has an amazingly great chance that the antibiotics will work with a well working immune system.

  37. Let's be nice. Kim needs support, not more stress.

  38. All I can say is I pray that she is in good hands & the hospital gives her what her body needs to heal whatever it may be that it works

  39. There probably won't be any more updates; I confirmed through patient information earlier today that she was discharged yesterday. She was probably safer in the hospital, at least. Those of you who have offered to pray, please continue to do so. Thank you all x3C3

  40. Yes, my son had an active MRSA infection after his first open heart surgery at 4 weeks (nearly killed him), then again after his airway repair, which caused seriously scary problems. He has been on IV doses of the worst abx for every procedure since then (34 total) to keep it from flaring. MRSA is scary. Abx at that point is the lesser evil. After she recovers, then I'd start trying to address the problems it caused. Prayers for you both. ️

  41. FYI, nasal culture confirmed the MRSA was gone in my patient treated with Argentin 23 silver IV and follow up Sub lingual therapy. Yea!

  42. Bonnie, thank you for the references. I remain unconvinced. But, I do not see any reason for Tdap in pregnancy, ever. That is very questionable. I appreciate your concerns. I remain open to more definitive information.

  43. UPDATE: I just found out that Lauren will be having surgery on her eye tomorrow. Those of you who have done so, please pray. This is to attempt to correct the damage the infection has caused so she doesn't lose her sight. Supposedly she is going to one of the best hospitals in the area.

  44. Prayers on the way.

  45. Praying now!

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