Has anyone had ovarian cysts?



Has anyone had ovarian cysts?? Bloodwork revealed a high level on a hormone! I have been having tons of white specks. Sometimes 1 or 2 black specks in my urine. I had a urine test done. Waiting on the results. Hopefully today. Could it be a cyst?

Im sorry its not birth control. But i refuse to google anything cuz it freaks me out with the “C” word. Since there is a lot of ladies here. Maybe someone who has had it can hopefully pass on some helpful info!

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  1. Thanks so much… 🙂

  2. Then from what it sounds like it is probably PCOS. But wait and see what your doctor says first !

  3. I do have elevated testosterone and male hormone…

    Ive had excessive hair growth all my life….

    Mother or sister dont have cysts. But by mom does have fiberoids…

    Thanks for the quick response

  4. They diagnose PCOS when you have 2 out of these three things.

    Elevated testosterone, irregular periods and the presence of cysts on your ovaries that are detected on an ultrasound. You can have a PCOS diagnosis without actually having cysts.

    Before I was diagnosed I had a lot of spotting between periods and nothing I could consider a real period for months on end. I only experience cramping between periods if I have a cyst that is inflamed or trying to rupture- but that pain is usually pretty severe for me. And I get nauseous in correlation with that extreme pain.

    PCOS comes with various symptoms and stories mainly because they don't really know what causes it, except maybe genetics. If your mother or a sister has it, there is a chance you could have it.

    As far as physical signs of PCOS- you can look for male pattern hair growth (hair on your stomach, nipples, lips, back, anywhere that men typically grow hair but women don't. This is a sign of elevated androgens such as testosterone), weight gain, high blood pressure, blood sugar. Pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides. All of these things you will have to monitor with PCOS.

    If you have more questions or want to discuss what to expect you can PM me if you'd like

  5. Ive been having off and on cramps. My period is due tuesday. But i usally spot a few days prior. And I'm not spotting…my period was super late last month after years of being regular. And crampy throughout which is not normal for me. Not intense cramps. Very mild….Also experiencing slight on and off back pain. Not lower (middle)

    i had a uti done. As usual. "Normal". My kidney pain went away. No unusual urine. All normal there. Bloodwork normal.

    A bit of nausea off and on. Not puking. No loss of appetite. Not pregnant If it is a cyst or pcos are these common symptoms? 🙁

  6. Emma Rose Robinson what symptoms do u have with polycystic ovarian syndrome? I had my ultrasound on friday. My followup isnt until june 11th….so i won't know the results until then..

  7. Thank you!

  8. And you're right not to google- it will just freak you out more'

  9. I have poly cysitic ovarian syndrome. I've never had specks in my urine. And I don't think the two would be related. Could be a kidney infection- could be something else. The best thing to do would be to wait on test results from your doctor. I hope everything is okay

  10. I hope you get answers! You're welcome

  11. Its not a yeast infection. Was tested for that. That could be the underlying cause of my kidney pain then. (Reason for uti) never ending health issues. 🙁 thanks Alyssa Coughran

  12. I've had cysts before and never any white specs. Maybe a yeast infection?

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