Has anyone had parathyroid issues


Has anyone had parathyroid issues (higher calcium levels in blood) due to Celiac preventing absorption of calcium in the gut?

It causes the parathyroid gland to overproduce calcium due to detecting low levels in the body, and even pulls calcium from the bones into the bloodstream and causes bone pain…

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  1. Still have not resolved this issue. My DEXA scans are in the -3.0 ranges. I can’t take calcium because of kidney stones. I am also on that diet. The injections for osteoporosis made me sick over time and we had to stop them. Have you found a good doctor to treat this? Just looking for one.

  2. I lost 2 parathyroids a few years ago, been GF for 2 months, I sure pray it helps my calcium level to go down.

  3. Oh no. That sounds awful. I don’t have suggestions but really.hope you find some answers.

  4. Yes. I have also had several terrible bouts of kidney stones and have osteoperosis.

  5. Yup. Surgery two years ago to remove 3 of my glands. Feel so much better now that the parathyroid issue is resolved. If you have abnormal PTH and high calcium, get the surgery. Recovery was no problem. I did not get diagnosed with celiac until last month when my DEXA scans continued to show worsening osteoporsis. Thank goodness my doc suspected celiac. I had no idea.

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