Has anyone had success with fixing bed wetting?


Has anyone had success with fixing bed wetting? I have an nearly 9 year old boy who I have tried just about everything. Chiro, kinesiology, Bowen, hair test for food allergy through a naturopath and nothing has worked. He does get a bit anxious, takes a while to go to sleep at night and mildly obsessive about some things?? Based in Australia

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  1. Melissa I'm in Australia. See your GP and organise to get the alarm. It worked amazingly for us.

  2. Have you tried a Chummie? It's a bed wetting alarm. I thought there was no way it would work with my daughter who was 9 at the time but within 2 months it worked!!

  3. Hypnosis.. Rio Barlow in Gulf Shores, Ala is good. Google for her info.

  4. Bed wetting alarm! It took two weeks of torture but we stuck through it and it worked amazing. My girl was 8 1/2

  5. I yrs ago used something promoted by Suzanne Sommers My daughter would go to a deep sleep instead of the stages of sleep She was cured in a month

  6. I also used that bed wetting alarm

  7. Look at copper toxicity which is caused by low zine. Had the same issue

  8. My 7 yr old boy was wetting his bed every night. I sought help through Blue Care incontinence nurse. The bed wetting alarm which they provided worked for him. He has been dry for months now. Good luck with it.

  9. Yes! I have fixed bed wetting in my boys and my adult special needs little sister who had been wetting her bed her whole life! Simply don't limit water. Offer him a drink before bed, just don't let him chug a bunch. And of course pee right before bed. It sounds counter intuitive to give them a drink of water before bed, but it seriously stopped my 2 little boys bed wetting and my little sister who had been wetting for 27 years.

  10. i'm in another group (fasciablasters) where i have read people cured bedwetting in older children by lightly blasting their abdomen and backs (it's a tool…just google). i have no idea how this would work, but it is known to increase blood flow and even improve (lost) feeling in some people (such as where there was circulation or nerve damage)…so maybe that has something to do with it.

  11. Sleep study. My friend discovered that her daughter didn't have a normal REM cycle. She stayed in deep sleep way longer than normal

  12. All 3 of mine (and myself for that matter) wet the bed until 5th or 6th grade. Frustrating at times but I new they never wanted to be bed wetters, they truly couldn't help it. I know there could be other issues for you, but just an encouragement that some kids do it for a long time. I didn't know about Mag at the time or I would've done implemented the protocol for sure. They are older now and no more issues in that arena!

  13. Has he had a VCUG done? The test found out he was only voiding 25%. We did biofeedback to train the bladder to fully empty and after 2 months finally at 9 the nights have been dry! Wish I had known sooner!

  14. My son was a bed wetter until 11. I think it was genetic for sure, he is rarely sick, never been vaccinated and I've always solved most illnesses homeopathically. Nothing helped until I put him on cornsilk. I tried when he was younger and it didn't work, but to my surprise it fixed it.

  15. Hope this helps, taken from the GAPS diet Q&A page:

    1. Enuresis (bed-wetting) and polyuria (excessive urination) are common concerns of parents before GAPS and seem to increase during the early stages of GAPS. Please comment.

    Please, read my article on Food Allergy which explains this issue in detail. Urine is one of the venues for toxins to leave the body. Abnormal gut flora produces a lot of toxins, which are excreted in urine. This toxic urine irritates the lining of the bladder and causes a low grade inflammation there, so the person gets symptoms of chronic cystitis. The bladder does not want to hold toxic urine, so the person has to empty it frequently. If a child (or an adult) with this condition is fast asleep, then the bladder may empty without waking up the person, hence bed-wetting. Die-off increases levels of toxins in the body, so the urine will become more toxic, exacerbating the problem. It is always important to control die-off by slow introduction of probiotics and various foods.
    GAPS Programme will eliminate this problem long term, as it will remove its cause. In the meantime do what works to help the situation: drink plenty of water, supplements of cranberry help to reduce inflammation in the bladder, use various mechanical alarms and devises developed for enuresis, wake your child up a few times during the night and take him/her to the bathroom. Foods high in salicylates and oxalates can make the problem worse, so try to avoid these foods for a while until things get better.
    When the natural defences of the mucous membranes of the bladder are damaged by toxins in the urine, then any infection can join in easily. So people with this problem get urinary infections frequently which have to be treated with antibiotics. Populating that area with beneficial flora will prevent urinary infections. So, I recommend applying homemade kefir or yoghurt all over the groin after showers and baths. Probiotic microbes will slowly travel up the urethra into the bladder, protect it and help it heal.

  16. NAET acupuncture. Also try a quarter tea spoon of sea salt in water in the evening. There is often a stress trigger…

  17. Myself , 2 daughters and now gdaughter all wet the bed..we all stopped once we began our periods..so believe it's genetic as well as hormonal..I was told by an endocrinologist, in my late 30s, that I was low on the hormone that "holds your pee in" and my daughter took medication for it which helped when she was younger..sorry but I can't remember the name of the medication that was 20 yrs ago.

  18. i was a bed wetter, best thing my parents did was ignor

  19. Test your home for mold. Oddly, it can absolutely cause this and more! Cypress and pine essential oils are good treatments. Add to a carrier oil, apply to tummy at night.

  20. My daughter wet to bed until she hit puberty, around 11 years old…

  21. My son had this issue also and we discovered it was caused by a glutamate sensitivity. We cut out all foods (even naturally occurring) with glutamines and his bed wetting stopped.

  22. The alarms are meant to wake parents in the early stages of wetting, so they can rouse the child and take him to the loo. Many parents make the mistake of thinking it's meant to wake the child….. One of those, and stretching our son's bladder by getting him to drink water and hold on over 15-20 mins after needing to pee (many bedwetters don't drink enough water, so their bladders shrink) worked well for my boys.

  23. My sister wet the bed until she was 11/12. The doctors advice was to stop giving her blackcurrent squash (!?!) and for my mum to wake her up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Eventually she just grew out of it. If I were you I'd get some pull up diapers for night time and just move on. Most (if not all) kids grow out of this

  24. I come from a family of bedwetters. I wet the bed until 13 yrs, my sis until 15 yrs. I have 3 son's one of which wet the bed until he was 13 yrs., the other two did not wet the bed. The Dr. wanted me to try medication but my mother instinct refused never knowing long term side effects. I knew he would certainly outgrow it and it just suddenly stopped. They grow so fast this time will soon pass. Sometimes I miss his bedwetting days… lol!

  25. We tried EVERYTHING! Incl. A bell and pad system. Tofranil was the only thing that worked for our son at app. Age 12. If we have him generic (imipramine), it had exact opposite effect. We did find that some generics caused him this kind of problem…..he turned out to be very allergic to corn and some dyes so if formulated differently, then there were problems.

  26. Thanks everyone! It's not an issue for him as we've never made it one, just hoping to sort it before school camps and sleepovers start

  27. Maybe he's experienced a trauma that he psychologically can't let go of. He needs to see a child psychiatrist

  28. Melissa – I remember over 30 years ago, a friend who had the same problem. They discovered if they removed all high fructose corn syrup from his diet, the problem disappeared. I never forgot that. There's HFC in so many things though….it may be a challenge.

  29. Not sure if this has already been said, but constipation can cause bed wetting. Even if a child is having daily bowel movements, they could still be constipated and have stool pushing on the bladder. Check out Dr Steve Hodges, Its No Accident.

  30. Can be food allergies… gut healing required.

  31. i am blown away by this group, you guys are great!

  32. I wet the bed until I was 7; when I learned to wake up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It's only been in recent years that I've ever "not peed in the middle of the night" and that had to do with dietary changes.

  33. Most of the time this is not an illness but just needs to be trained to come
    Out of the deepest of sleep.

  34. Some children that wet the bed have a small bladder capacity and have to go more often, so cannot make it through the night. I know someone who was like this. They made a game of seeing how long could he wait to go. It built up his bladder to hold more. No more bed wetting!

  35. Take a look at Thyroid health

  36. It stopped in our house with the onset of puberty. Nothing else worked and we spent a lot of money trying.

  37. Second, has this child been on a lot of antibiotics?

  38. Constipation can be a cause of bedwetting.

  39. Salicylate intolerance can cause bed wetting.

  40. I agree with the person who said to not worry about it. The best thing someone told me once was "give it time…I've never met a high schooler who still wets the bed…"

  41. It is not an illness. The child cannot control it. They will outgrow it as their bladder
    develops.. It runs in families.
    My daughter wet the bed until 7 years old. I set the alarm to get up at 2 am take her to the bathroom for quite a while.
    Years ago children were sadly shamed for this but they cannot control it.

  42. I lived with my sisters family for a while & her daughter wet the bed. I made a chart/calendar up which she decorated and every night she didn't wet the bed she would get a sticker to put on the chart & after 7 stickers she would get a prize then after another 10 days she would get another prize. She loved it & it worked. We also made sure she didn't have big drinks of water after 6pm & remembered to go to the toilet before bed

  43. Wow a lot of great info on bed wetting. I am a Bowen Therapist & there is a bed wet protocol. Bowen can help support the body with BW by relaxing/ destressing & by stimulating the rest heal repair nervous system. It can also help the brain to develop the connections needed to signal the body the bladder is full. So used along side the other advise relevant to your particular case it would be a great supportive therapy. Only one other thing to add is that apples & apple juice stimulates the bladder so avoid those too.

  44. It runs in families. Don't worry. He will stop by age 12 or 13. It's like eye color. You get it from your parents. You don't have a choice. Don't make a fuss and make the child feel badly. Twenty percent of his classmates have the same issue. Now days there's all kinds of pull ups. Your child will outgrow this.

  45. Time… just takes time. No child ever wants to wet the bed. Around 10-12 they will be more in control and stop.. Time.

  46. My daughter bed wet until 15yrs …tried everything? What seem to work was a Reward system . Nit brubery just simpke reward for every dry night. Actually didnt take that long to have her stop ? Wish we had tried it years [email protected]@

  47. Something as simple as red food dye. Flinstone's Chewable Vitamines made that very clear.

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