Has anyone had success with Magnesium L-threonate?


Has anyone had success with Magnesium L-threonate helping with brain fog, memory and anxiety? I’ve read a lot about it but most of my reading sounds like advertising. I’m looking for real life reviews?? And if it’s helping you.. what brand are you taking? Thank you 🙂

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  1. I found it helped – I take Drs Best – note each capsule is 1.5x the dose of most other brands

  2. Search this page as there are many threads on it.

  3. I have found it seems to help.

  4. For those it's helping, this question will sound odd if your not as messed up as me… Did anyone completely remove the brain fog and find themselves again? I'm on so many supplements and I think each helps a little (but certainly could be placebo effect cause the help is minimal). I'm so beaten down on all these supplements and contradictions that I research. I'm exhausted and desperate for the MIRACLE SUPPLEMENT I'm soaking in my Epsom salt bath now as I type this.. believe me when I say I've tried everything.

  5. It really did help with the brain fog and the memory. I also use curcumin, which I think helps the brain fog too ( has to be taken with bioperin which is black pepper)

  6. I am not nearly as spacy as I was a couple years ago – hard to know what all was behind the change – I did notice a fairly fast positive effect when I started taking it couple years ago but it is only part of the solution not all of it

  7. I have been taking it for about a month and I noticed my stomach has been very nervous.

  8. I take Mercola Mag Threonate after trying many other brands…including ReMag….I have definitely found a difference, my brain is clearer, my sleep has improved…so for me it is a keeper so far. Even though pricey it is worth taking something that works.

  9. I would try and figure out what is causing the brain fog instead of just trying to find something to get rid of it. I tried Tea Tree oil for toe fungus and it gave me very bad brain fog so does hair spray. I started using organic oils for my skin and within two day I couldn't think straight when I stopped these thing the brain fog left.

  10. I only tried it for a week or so and didn't notice a difference in my anxiety . My husband takes it and I think I notice a difference in his memory and focus but not convinced yet enough to recommend it to others.

  11. I'm no expert, but when I had realized that I had some serious brain fog, I associated it to my acid reflux meds (omeprazole) impeding absorbtion of Vit. Bs. I went on the super Vit. B and had much welcome improvement. For inflammation i also am on Turmeric with black pepper. I am still trying to regulate electrolyte imbalance and also am interested in the comments in this post!

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