Has anyone had the copper IUD ?


Has anyone had the copper IUD ? I was thinking about getting that one. Thoughts ? Reviews ?

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  1. Great Idea! Please review this helpful website to understadn the efficacy AND safety of contraception options http://www.birthcontrolsafety.org

  2. It's impossible to say. The only thing you can do is try! It can be easily removed if you don't like it.

  3. ^to add… Has anyone here been like me and then developed cramps only after getting the copper IUD?

  4. Just a general question… I've heard that IUDs can cause heavier cramps and periods… My question… I've never had a menstrual cramp in my life ( I know, I'm very lucky) I've never had heavy periods, either. I know it's impossible to predict, but I've always wondered if these symptoms tend to show up in those who have a history of both, and maybe I'd be sparred since I've never had them? Honestly, this is the only thing stopping me from getting one. I've never had cramps and the thought of all of a sudden getting them makes me weary.

  5. ^That's because it is your responsibility to do research on the method of birth control you are wanting to use *before* you use it. You cannot blame your doctor for not telling you something that you should have found out yourself. They are doctors, not teachers.

  6. I have it. I have terrible pains often. And my dr failed to tell me before that it causes infections.

  7. I had it for a few years. Slightly more cramping and heavier periods. I had it removed due to pain, it was bent when removed. We are now thinking the pain has been from endometriosis.

  8. Best thing I've tried but I had cysts and it made them much worse & my normal periods are rediculously heavy & were much worse with it. Known stuff. I'd recommend it!

  9. Yes I had 2 …. first one no problem whatsoever…..2nd was nightmare…ended up embedded in my womb….caused all sorts of terrible problems, constant bleeding, awful pain…… had it removed and now on cerazette. …. sorry that it's nasty news 🙁 ..

  10. This is baby number 3 for me! I'm having a hard time adjusting from 2 to 3. I couldn't imagine 6! You are super mom. I'm getting tubal ligation after my 3rd. So I hope its my best option

  11. Congrats on your pregnancy I'm due with baby #6 soon lol and now I'm totally done. I've heard of women getting tubals but also some sort of syndrome or something that comes from it. The copper IUD doesn't scare as much as forgetting my pills lol

  12. I had the mirena, got it out last October after 3 years…then switched to the pill. Well I'm now 10 weeks pregnant. So remind me to never do the pill lol! Somewhere I messed up. I would for sure recommend and IUD of some sort, its more permanent and hassle free

  13. Yeah I think that's common with most IUDs. I'm due with my baby in August. I don't do good with pills because I can't remember then in a timely fashion. The IUD would be maintenance free as far as remembering goes lol

  14. I was thinking about it prior to the pill. My doctor told me that I should expect longer, heavier, more painful periods. I said nope and went on the pill! Not on anything now…but I'd just do research and do what you feel comfortable with

  15. My insurance will cover the cost

  16. They have 10 year ones now too. I just do the 5 year ones. Not sure how it is where you are but it was only $85 for me, much cheaper than 5 years of something else. In Canada you can buy it and have it put in at the health unit, no prescription required.

  17. That's good Megan I do want long lasting !!

  18. I have one. On my second one now. IUD has been my bc for the last 7 years.
    I've tried, pill, patch and ring. By far this was the best. No need to remember something every day. No more horomonal mood swings.

  19. Fay Bradbury uses/has used the copper IUD.

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