Has anyone had the gastric bypass?


Has anyone had the gastric bypass? Please no posts about not doing it… It’s been done

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  1. Don't do it! You'll be lacking nutrient absorption. LISTEN to this starting at 52:10 …


  2. It's been done with wondering if anyone has done this… And what they use to absorb

  3. I would suggest getting as many of your supplements from transdermal and sublingual (through the skin and under the tongue) sources as possible, since those don't rely on the digestive system at all.

  4. How would I go about doing it transdermal?

  5. I did not have Gastric bypass but have stomach issues with all supplements. I buy transdermal sprays of everything I need. I do use some sublingual or oral sprays such as vitamin U or melatonin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is quite efficient at transporting the supplements for use by the body without the effects of stomach acid or other meds.

  6. Angie Skinner…search Bambi Williard Jamon my niece and introduce yourself. She is in her third year post surgery and can give you the scoop.

  7. Angie…I sent Bambi a note she is waiting your PM!

  8. I had the roux n Y 6 years ago, 130lbs down and kept off!

  9. Ok thank you @del-Connie can you let her know please

  10. How far out are you? Some absorption corrects after about 18 months or so

  11. Where is she from? Maybe you could sent me her link?

  12. Just type her name in the bar for location folks!!

  13. I have not had it yet July 6…. I'm having it to stop the severe chronic acid that is casing me to need steroids that have put me I to heart failure and now AVN(Bone death)

  14. I did where are others with her name….

  15. Angie Skinner please reconsider doing the bypass my mom had it done 3 yrs ago and she is much worse now than her health issues before the surgery. She also now has heart failure and can not excercise at all because her her severe weakness she is pretty much bed ridden also do to severe edema in here legs and feet. I know everyone responds differently but just thought I would share.

  16. I'm not able to walk now my bones are dying from the steroids this is my best chance at getting off the steroids

  17. There is a special website you can get bariatric vitamins, I am a nurse and worked for a surgeon who did bariatric surgery and most of my pts used regular vitamins with no absorbtion issues especially if your eating healthy foods

  18. I didn't have bypass but I did have the gastric sleeve 2 years ago. I'm down 150 lbs and healthy. I do believe I need to suppliment more however, no more than anyone else on this site. The Sleeve doesn't change your intestines at all so there is no malabsorption.

  19. Angie Skinner …. please look up Roby Mitchell or Kevin Martin, I know one of them can help you.

  20. Praying for your recovery, Angie, and for the best healing method for you.

  21. Thank you Ruven Silverman

  22. @ Jennifer I have to do the RNY as its what will stop the acid…. I need new hips and possibly shoulders and knees and I'm in a wheel chair until I get the weight down that I gained from the steroids

  23. I had gastric bypass 33 years ago. A few years later gained all the weight back that I lost. My health really starred going down hill and I have pretty much spent most of the last 20 or 25 years sleeping. I have finally realized I have some sort of absorption problem.

  24. I have ab absorption problem now.. This is my only chance at living life out of a wheelchair and was given 1 yr to live some have to outweigh the risks

  25. It is very important to rebuild your gut flora, Angie, especially since you have been on all this medication. A good 80% of your immune system depends on your gut. Fix that and you will regain your health!

    How to fix it: eat lots of fermented foods and beverages and take a good, reliable probiotic everyday. You can find excellent probiotics at

  26. Angie I have. What's your question ??

  27. You might do the sleeve as Jennifer mentioned because it doesn't cause malabsorption issues

  28. Either way, I wish you luck. Good for you for taking control. There are some great support groups on Facebook, I suggest you find one. I'd be lost without mine. Even two years out!

  29. You will be alright, Angie! I know it is very stressful to deal with issues such as these, but you will pull through.

    I am praying for you and invite all our friends here in the group who share some kind of faith, to also join me in prayer.


  30. Thank you very much

  31. I tried for the sleeve when I found this was what they said I needed and it causes acid issues so that not an option thanks

  32. Angie, it is very, very important for you to start rebuilding your gut TODAY!

    I am going to add your name to a wild fermentation group in order to help you. I reconstituted my own gut and did not need any surgery. I have dropped 50+ lbs so far at the rate of 1 1/2 lbs per day!

    Send me a PM if you require any information or assistance in doing this.

  33. Angie Skinner, 4 years ago I was set up to do rny. I have all the symptoms you talk of, but not to the extreme of yours. Finally I talked to someone about my intense absorption problems, and for me. …FOR ME…i was told it would kill me.
    4 years later, no weight loss, but slowly I lost health. I hope that the htma and the DNA will give some insights.
    My thoughts on the supplements is liquid…and sublinguil. These will not fill your stomach pouch.
    The comment about gut flora is major important. I'm fighting that as well.
    Good luck…i hope they give you physical therapy to rehab for strength.
    My surgeon was IGNORANT about nutrition…told me a centrum a day would be all I needed. That doesn't even make sense pre-surgery!
    Make sure you get a bariatric nutritionist to help you!
    So many of my struggles would be over now if I'd had the rny, but, I guess I'd have a new set!

    I wish you blessings. This is not the easy choice some think it is!

  34. Bypass surgery is not the same today as it was 33 years ago, everything about it changed since then. And most people that do not keep the weight off or regain it simply do not do what they are suppose to. You have to keep portion control and nutrition up

  35. And yes I'm about nutrition and eating healthy as well…

  36. I also assume you have a trained bariatric dietician there at your WLC. Any good WLC will have one and its a must. They should also have a support group and it should be mandatory for you to attend so many. Ours was for a year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I focused on eating protein and drinking water the first 6 months. I juiced for vitamins and fluids and added in vegetables as I could eat more

  37. Bear in mind that most surgeries are done already eyeing that new condo in Mexico. Sorry if I sound cynical, but it is the honest truth. Most problems can be corrected with good nutrition. Most doctors know how to match symptoms to pharmaceutical drugs and know next to zero about nutrition.

    Surgeons are trained to remove things from our body that G-d put there for a reason. Some surgeries are completely unnecessary.

    of course the decision is yours, but I ask you to at least read up on the subject –vide article above– so you can make an unformed decision.

  38. I'm not looking to be anywhere else but living and breathing so I can be alive!

  39. Good choice, Angie! Now there is urgent work to be done!

  40. Following. I did have it done. No time to post now but will later or Angie Skinner you can message me.

  41. Angie what do u want to know.?? U can pm me also if u like

  42. I know 2 people that had the lap band, 1 that had the sleeve and 2 that had bypass. The 2 people that had the lap band were the most successful. It's been at least 18 years and their weight has stayed the same.

  43. Any of ya'll take probiotics??

  44. Angie, you must find energy to fight for your life! Laziness will afford an early grave!

    Read what we said and arm yourself with the courage to FIGHT!

  45. I had gastric bypass 15 years ago. I do have problems with nutrient absorption, but it's important to have your blood levels checked every six months. If you do that you know where your low and you can get it back up. You will be drinking lots of protein drinks in taking lots of vitamins. You'll have to have B12 for the rest of your life. Do I think it was worth it. In the long run, yes. I ate some of the side effects I have now, but I was bedbound before. No one knows what that life is like a mess of that they've lived it. I was in a wheelchair.
    I do think I might've tried to go another route if I knew then what I know now. One of the biggest things for me was my thyroid treatment. I have gotten off of Levothroid and I'm now taking n p thyroid and it makes a big difference. Regardless, do what you have to do. Make sure you get a good doctor who educates you well before the surgery. So you know how to best take care of yourself. My doctor offered classes, which I took. Lots of lectures and I took lots of notes. So I knew exactly what I was doing and how to take care of myself.

  46. Where do you get transdermal supplements?

  47. You could look at this website first? It tells you how to rebuild gut flora. There are those who were scheduled for major GI surgery because they were on mega doses of steroids who were healed through FMT. That being said I have many friends who have had bypass with great success. You need to be extremely careful what you eat though. The website:


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