Has anyone heard of PLEXUS?


Hello. Has anyone heard of PLEXUS. The Triplex line helps with gut health. It includes a Probiotic and Gut cleansing vitamins. Ive been taking it for about a month and I’ve seen a difference in the way I feel and my bloated stomach has went down. Lost 4 pounds so far. But I admit I haven’t been consistent with it. I forget to take the vitamins sometimes. Anyone else heard of or tried it?

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  1. I take probiotics & will never stop! I feel they positively helped me loose some pounds & bloat, really improved my digestion, etc. I don’t know anything about PLEXUS.

  2. I’ve looked into trying it, have heard good things, have heard bad. Unfortunately, too expensive for me so not an option right now.

  3. I have used Advocare but not doing the diet part and staying with my naturopathic dr’s thyroid diet because she has Hashimoto’s herself and her protocol, supplements. Have to be so careful not to overload. Advocare is okay for those who don’t have medical issues and if they are okayed by your doctor and has been very successful. I do a couple of the products okay but not for the gut. Can’t do the whey protein and soy, lactose intolerant. Be careful with Plexus then, too. My weight has been so stuck and so ready for metabolism to kick back in the natural/healthy way, heal gut. I do take probiotics and enzymes always nad pretty much under my naturopathic’s protocol now.

  4. I take probiotics but NEVER plexus. Are you a sales rep Terrona F. Armour? Alot of them have been popping up here lately.

  5. I’ve seen at least one other post from Terrona with no mention of any product so I’m thinking she’s not a rep, lol! She did say she was recently diagnosed. Particularly for a newbie who doesn’t know where to start, I think there is an appeal in a “program” for suppliments, or for diet. The problem is that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going address individual needs, and we are all different. Terrona, I’d stay with the probiotics since you’re responding well. I don’t know about the rest of it. But here is a read you’ll be hearing a lot about in this group, and it’s a GREAT place to start so you can go forward making informed choices:
    thyroidpharmacist.com > book

  6. I haven’t seen a endo doc yet I was diagnosed by my PCP so I’m pretty clueless but worried because nodules are getting much bigger.

  7. I get an occasional ultra-sound to monitor nodules on my thyroid. They’re common and mostly benign but do require monitoring. But on all things thyroid, if you are waiting for your doctor to educate you, be it an endo or a pcp, you’ll have a VERY LONG WAIT! You need to ask questions & read. I take it you have an appointment to follow up with an endo re the nodules?

  8. Thank you. You also.

  9. Thyroid Issues & Hashimoto’s: Plexus Discussion this is a group that deals with plexus. I would love to try it but I just can’t $$$ right now.

  10. My naturopathic dr went to fat loss summit in NY and I listened to some of the dr’s online thru Yuri Ephaim and I got to listen to Isabella Wentz who has written the book The Root Cause of Hashimoto’s. She has it herself and my dr was very impressed with her, too. Need to check out this book.

  11. She is a pharmacist who is on a mission to help everybody, too. We are so blessed to be getting some help now.

  12. I’m an Advocare distributor myself and going to stick with what my naturopathic doctor recommends since she has Hashimoto’s. I was diagnosed through antibody testing and referred to an endocrinologist when I got to OK from Tx who said, too bad, your thyroid quit working. My naturopathic doctor is board certified endocrinologist and nutritionist, has Hashimoto’s herself, is older than me, and looks and feels great. You can get your thyroid numbers down and got to be so careful about mixing something in that can make it worse. Advocare has a medical advisory board and has been around for 22 years but still need to stick with my doctor’s recommendations. The ones I have listened to have all pointing to the same things to get better, thank goodness. Forgive me if I keep repeating myself. Learning myself and so much to absorb but going to be so worth it. Thankful we have this group and not be alone.

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