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  1. Eat for your body, not someone else's.

  2. I could understand certain individuals having sensitivities or allergies. But overall, I would not be willing to scrap an entire group of foods based on this (and I have read this information before). After all, all ethnic groups that rely heavily on tomatoes and potatoes in their diet should be raving lunatics with crippling arthritis at this point.

  3. I have a sensitivity to nightshades. They cause mouth ulcers and a very sore tongue. Body aches flare a few days later. I knew this about tomatoes and eggplants all of my life and thought it was allergies. Potatoes and peppers have created problems in more recent years.

  4. I stay away from them because of my Hashimotos.

  5. Many get great relief from arthritis symptoms by removing these plants. It's not new. When I was a little girl I knew many an older person who said never to eat them, especially if you had arthritis

  6. Nightshade vegetables have been known to be a contributing trigger to my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although I was able to reintroduce them again while in remission for 9 years. Sadly I'm flaring again, so need to avoid them again.

  7. I honestly could not live without potatoes.

  8. Tom Brady didn't invent that diet! Many people with chronic illnesses eliminate nightshade because they are inflammatory. That is why you don't find them on the autoimmune paleo diet.
    You have to decide for yourself whether or not they cause you problems.

  9. Potatoes create more general inflammatory issues for me than any other food. I am also sensitive to peppers but potatoes are by far the winners. I haven't eaten potatoes in years. I have the occasional thought that maybe it has changed but then I remember how bad it was and how long it would take to overcome the issues and I know it just isn't worth the risk.

  10. Nightshades are inflammatory, but so are meat, seeds and nuts, and other foods that have nutritional benefits. It depends on the person, I think. You have to listen to your own body. I have an autoimmune disease and while I have had to cut out many other foods, nightshades never seem to bother me. I think *key* to his lifestyle is the large amount of sleep. Sleep is when our body heals and most of us don't get enough of it.

  11. Kind of like the AIP diet (Auto Immune Protocol)

  12. I have Lupus & Fibro & have recently realized I have a sensitivity or allergy. Especially tomatoes. Tomatoes always triggered my gallbladder attacks. So, its helpful to me.

  13. Nightshades cause me signifigent pain flares… Everyone is different, but cutting them was huge for reducing my level of pain.

  14. definitely worth reading EmmaBrown Ronald Mackenzie Brown

  15. Very inflammatory for most.

  16. Yea I have to avoid nightshades. So far the only ones that don't bother ne are hot peppers. But I will try to add some different tomato varieties this summer to see if I can tolerate them because I really love fresh tomatoes!

  17. Many with autoimmune issues cannot tolerate them. Eliminate them then reintroduce each one and see which causes a problem or not. Can be very individual as everybody is different.

  18. We eat many "toxins." Dose makes the poison. That being said, my body cannot tolerate nightshades, and I REALLY miss hot and spicy Mexican!!!

  19. for me, sadly this is all too real.

  20. Isn't it amazing how people take something that is known and give it thier name??
    Autoimmune paleo protocol: removing inflammatory foods. I can't eat night shades also. But I call it AIP and not the Reut Shalev diet.

  21. every body is different. quitting nightshades can put arthritis into remission among other things

  22. I've been avoiding nightshades for 30 years (with some slack offs). It's quite common for people with arthritis to avoid and now its a well known aspect o AIP (autoimmune protocol). But I would only do it if I had to. Nightshades are delicious! I have SLE

  23. I've been off nightshades now for about 6 months and pain is reduced. I have a chronic inflammatory illness

  24. Ethnic groups who rely heavily on nightshades usually have not encountered the processed trash we call food that creates leaky gut problems. I haven't had nightshades in 3 years. When I do my stomach bleeds and I have terrible arthritis flare .

  25. Cutting out nightshades helped my inflammatory pains 100% 🙂

  26. Makes sense why potatos seem to be a worse trigger food for me than the other nightshade.

  27. Amanda Caudill comments good too..

  28. does the article not say that potatoes that are peeled are not so bad at all, since the most dangerous component is in the peelings? So eating non raw potatoes that are peeled isnt so bad?

  29. It was quite a surprise to my husband years ago when I suggested he stop his daily lunch salad with tomatoes–well, not the salad, but stop the tomatoes. He agreed and was very surprised to find a lot of the arthritic pain was gone. After about two weeks, he decided to try the tomatoes again. Aha! So now he knows. He rarely has tomatoes–maybe three times a year. I know. So sad, but he definitely notices a difference when he has them.

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