Has anyone here experienced spotting after being glutened?



Has anyone here experienced spotting after being glutened? I finished 10 days ago and was just glutened on Thursday, and now I’m spotting ?
I’m on the pill for endometriosis, so this isn’t a normal thing for me. I’m only 4 months into being gf, so I’m questioning everything now and wondering if it’s related.

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  1. I have noticed spotting or discharge. I’m only two months in so wasn’t sure if it was me being overly paranoid?

  2. Interesting!!

  3. I have had wacky cycles/cramping/spotting. I have struggled with high liver enzyme’s and hashimotos. Since changing my diet I have lost weight and I am guessing that my liver and thyroid might be returning to normal. I think my hormones are out of whack. However, I have noticed that when I get glutened I spot. I plan to ask my physician about this next time I see her.

  4. I am on the pill also for same reason…. i do spot also at random. But Don’t think it’s from being glutened

  5. Unfortunately there are not allot of studies being done on this subject, We do know it messes with our reproductive system. I read an article the other day on Endometriosis Also Potentially Linked with Celiac Disease here is the link to it…..https://www.verywell.com/gluten-can-make-your-period-miserable-562634

  6. I am on the pill but have spotting almost every week for at least a day or two. I was thinking it was partly due to premenopausal symptoms.

  7. I have stage 4 endo as well. My pain wasn’t as bad once I went gf but I’ve been having issues since Nov. Had my first lap in may and have my 2nd the end of Aug. \nI have had 2 periods since Nov but have spotted for almost a month at a time this whole year.

  8. Interesting, I was just DX on Friday. My cycle had ended about ten days prior but I started spotting on Thursday. Wonder if it’s related.

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