Has anyone lost their hair?


I’m sorry if this is a dumb or stupid question just really confused and concerned. Has anyone lost their hair and feel like it is just breaking off, specifically question for girls! Ever since I have gone gluten free my hair hasn’t thinned but has broke off and don’t know what it can be from.

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  1. Yes, my hair was falling out. It’s slowed down a lot after going GF. I’ve changed all my products to GF too.

  2. I’ve struggled with hair issues for the last five years, thinning & breakage. After all kinds of blood work I was finally diagnosed with CD in Oct. I’ve been doing my best to be GF & I’m seeing new growth since & less breakage. I was told my old “unhealthy weak” hair will probably continue to break but the new growth should be healthier now that I’m GF.

  3. Yes ,if it continues go get your thyroid checked .

  4. Yes, have your iron level checked

  5. Check your thyroid

  6. I do not have a thyroid and that is when I lost over half of my hair! So in addition to having your thyroid check (by someone who will look at more then the Tsh) have a iron panel done. Also malabsorption disorder is very common with celiacs so your body may simply not be absorbing the nutrients you need!

  7. Mine was falling out terribly and I found out my iron levels were extremely low. After several iron infusions, my hair isn’t falling out any longer.

  8. Vitamin deficiency or thyroid most likely.

  9. Go to an endocrinologist and ask for a FULL thyroid panel. My doctors had told me for years that my thyroid tests were coming back normal. But they were only testing t4. I finally begged for a referral to an endo and had a full panel done and I am hypothyroid and have to be on medication. An untreated thyroid can cause all kinds of serious issues.

  10. Yes.. I asked my hairdresser and basically she said that we lose up to 100 strands of hair a day! I tried to explain to her that it’s way more than that! I have noticed since eating whole unprocessed foods and cut out junk my hair also grows a lot faster..

  11. I can be a sign of iron deficiency or anemia, as well as a long list of other things. Often times people that are Celiac have vitamin deficiencies including iron because there got was unable to absorb any nutrients. I would have a full vitamin panel done as well as an iron panel including ferritin because there was your iron stores. If you don’t ask for it most doctors probably won’t do it.

  12. So I have read (although exact sources for this are not 100%credible) that hair issues can be related to low biotin (vitamin B7) levels. As biotin is found in breads and whole grain cereals so often once on a gf diet you eat less foods that contain this vitamin (though you can get it from almonds, cauliflower and eggs). Might be something to check your diet for?

  13. My hair was falling and thining badly before diagnosis. I had a full blood panel done and was deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals. this can cause breakage and loss. the big ones are low iron, low Zinc, Low B12, Folate and B6 and B7. Its not just B7 (Biotin) but a combo of deficiencies that can do it. For me it was most definitely a combo of everything but I was severely anemic. My advice if you can get some bloodwork done. If that’s not possible good liquid or sublingual vitamins. For iron I take Mega Foods Blood builder which is a gentle non heme iron that has other vitamins with it. It doesn’t upset my digestive system like most iron. My hair stopped falling out and breaking after about 2 weeks and now its growing back. I do not use heat on my hair anymore. I use a protein treatment twice a month and deep conditioning almost daily. Coconut oil soaks every 3-4 days. All of it helped tremendously but it was the combo of Iron/B vitamins and zinc that I think really helped a lot.

  14. That is my hair problem. Has been for years, thyroid checked repeatedly but only the basic tests. I was recently diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism. I had to request (aka nag) for over 2 years for a PTH Intact test, then another year before seeing a knowledgeable endocrinologist. The first endo I saw just dismissed my high levels as a result of my low Vit D levels. I’m telling you this because you have to be your own advocate and not let them dismiss anything that you know is not right!

  15. After my husband went gluten free, some of his hair grew back and thicker!!

  16. Yip I malt alot

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