Has anyone noticed an increase in facial hair?


Random question….? but to the other ladies out there, has anyone noticed an increase in facial hair? Like a mustache? Mines blonde thank goodness butttttt it’s there. I’m also currently taking oral prednisone for my NMO which could cause it but I was betting the Hashis may be helping it too!? (My TPO is elevated, but all other labs were normal, if you were wondering if I’m hypo or hyper currently, I’m neither! Just 170 on my TPOab lab)

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  1. Have you’ve been tested for PCOS? My friend has it and the hair growth was a symptom of PCOS

  2. Yes, I also have a blonde mustache. It makes me so self conscious!!!

  3. No increase for me. Excess facial hair is a very common side effect of steroids.

  4. Yes!!! I have chin hair to. Mines black I pluck everyday and even have tweezers in my car. It’s so embarrassing

  5. None for me

  6. Nope. I don’t even have to shave my armpits anymore.

  7. I have pcos also and yes to the hair ugh drives me nuts sometimes

  8. Mine has gotten so bad, testosterone shots, hashi’s and red-hair

  9. Yes. I’ve just started shaving like a guy.

  10. Yes!! I have to do the chin pluck too. Ugh..

  11. Yup, I have a mustache that I shave every day 🙁

  12. My hairs are dark brown/black and tweezing made no difference in how thick my hair got. I tweezed for years but it’s increased so much and the ingrown hairs hurt so bad, my husband convinced me to start using his electric razor. So much easier, even though I’m still getting some ingrown. I am seriously considering laser hair removal. It’s expensive but I’m thinking it will be worth my peace of mind.

  13. Do you have PCOS?

  14. I go Monday for thyroid blood work

  15. My TPO results are similar to yours. Does that level of elevation mean I have Hashimoto s or that I may develop it? Having a super hard time getting a clear diagnosis from my doctor who is 3 hours away

  16. Yea. I have PCOS, the increase in testosterone causes facial hair

  17. I only lol because I just made the comment to my hubby…I do not have Hashis…In here for learning….but I just mentioned about the abundant amount of chin whiskers on my chin and hamster hair growing on my face….I have had a partial hysterectomy…I have noticed it changing. Maybe just extra petting is needed heehee:0)

  18. I am not taking that medication and have a noticeable increase in hair growth with only Hashimoto issues at the moment. I ❤️ this from bed bath and beyond and use them very quickly every few days.

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