Has anyone successfully treated candida with borax?


Hello guys, has anyone successfully treated candida with borax?

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  1. I have drastically reduced candida with Andersons SeaMD. It took a while because I had to work my way up to a 10ml a day. I add it to my water. I am still taking it and I know it works because my symptoms have drastically reduced.

  2. Yes I have. I'd suffered for years with no lasting results from Drs Rx. Cleared it up and it hasn't come back and that's been over a year.

  3. I had bad effects from boron. Now I think it was Candida. Anything to help with die off? I couldn't leave my bed, literally

  4. I used caprylic acid and it clears my candida. It was amazing . No side effects . I'm pro boron too.

  5. Dawn Marie Antonetti Swatosh

  6. I used it in my daughter's bath. Help a lot.

  7. starve it with 20g of carbs/day lowcarb for a week or so, then give it probiotics and castor oil. that will kill it if its there. some people cant tolerate low carbs so might not work for anyone. the castor oil tastes nasty.

  8. I did. I made and drank boron water every morning for about 30 days. Plus I used it as a rinse.

  9. I used a product called Candida cleanse by rainbow light and it cleared it up for me

  10. Yes it worked for me but I was also alternating with iodine so not sure if it was the combo. I couldn't get over the Borax in water fear though, it felt slightly wrong…I just can't trust that it's not contaminated in some way if that company is making other chemicals. So I don't drink it anymore. I do put a few tablespoons in the shampoo bottle and it works fantastically for dandruff and scaling.

  11. Boric acid

  12. What do all of the F's mean???

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  14. Am taking borax in capsules for a few months now

  15. Great to hear it's worked for people, I'm at the end of my tether now when it comes to candida!. It's got a firm grip of me! All the symptoms u can think of… Fibromyalgia, digestive issues, sinus, nose & throat problems. Scalp issues!. Addicted to sugar/carbs:(

  16. Do you use 20 Mule Team Borax? Where is the protocol for this?

  17. Yes, boric acid not borax. Boric acid is found in the pharmacy area.

  18. Can someone please explain how we use the Boric acid then please!
    All time I thought it was Borax that did the job:(

  19. I take boron daily for arthritis prevention. my co worker take it because she had a cyst on her brain and it 3 months the cyst has shrunk. We do the boron formula this group uses.

  20. Coconut oil

  21. You gotta try hard to show sugar and carbs who the boss is. Don't feed candida anymore. Starve them.

  22. Do you guys have ringing in the ear?

  23. I've just started a candida cleanse with diet — no sugar, loads of non starchy veg, clean protein, lots of good fats and only 10% starches like quinoa, squash etc. Then you do diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay in water in am, this is supposed to crack the biofilm that keeps candida going. You also take some anti funguals each day but rotate every 4 days. Like berberine, caprylic acid, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, pau d'arco tea. Only in 4 days but so far IBS is a bit better. And sleeping really well. I do take Concentrace mineral drops too so have been getting boron in that but didn't notice any difference with my other problems.

  24. Angie Walsh Osgood

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