Has anyone tried goat cheese?


Hello everybody, has anyone tried goat cheese?

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  1. Goat cheese/milk is still considered dairy. In case you didn't know. I just found this out myself…

  2. I can eat it occasionally without issue. Same for feta if I can confirm that it is only sheep's milk.

  3. My allergy is specifically to cow's milk/protein. I can have goat & sheep.

  4. I'm allergic to it

  5. Tried it last week and broke out in hives

  6. I can eat goat cheese with no problems, while cow cheese kills me.

  7. My dairy intolerance extends to goat cheese, almond milk, and soy.

  8. I can have goat/sheep dairy in moderation. I've been on the hunt for good goat cheeses that don't taste too "goaty," and mount Sterling co-op creamery makes a delicious goat milk mozzarella. I'm going to have to try it on a GF pizza at some point. I'm not a fan of their cheddar, though

  9. Yes! It is wonderful.

  10. I use goat cheese in frittatas or crumbled on my spinach salads (esp with strawberries ,pears, or berries). I like feta with quinoa bowls a tad salty for me with anything else

  11. It's baaaaaaaddddd

  12. I had no issues with it.

  13. I thought anything from an animal we couldn't have.

  14. It still has dairy and tastes like a dirty barn

  15. I love it. I tried it. I got sick.

  16. Love it, but I have to limit my intake. It taste so good after not eating cheese that I can't stop eating it!

  17. Yes it tastes really good. You can't tell the difference.

  18. My daughter loves goat milk and the goat yogurt. I just got some goat cheese for grilled cheese or like a lasagna. She's allergic to gluten. Cows milk. Soy bean and eggs. So it's been quite a change and she's only 5

  19. Goat milk slices are great. Manchego cheese is made from sheeps milk and does not have the lactose like cows milk. It slices. Melts. Grates. It's fantastic

  20. Yes Goat Cheese coated in blueberries Yummy!

  21. I tried goat cheese once because I can handle feta cheese. I had a horrible reaction to goat cheese. My belly bloat it up and I look 9 months pregnant. I was in excruciating pain for about 6 hours and nothing helped. I will never have goat cheese again.

  22. I had soft goat cheese (Chevre) in my lunchtime salad. Yummy. Traders Joe's also carries Dutch Cheese which is sliced goat cheese. Nice for sandwiches. I also like Trader Joe's Creamy Cheese. It a soft spreadable "cream cheese." .Those are my go-to cheeses but I also like other types of goat cheese and manchego. I can't tolerate anything made from cow's milk–not even butter!

  23. It's awesome!! Especially from the Amish

  24. Love it and all goat milk foods.

  25. Yes and it is delicious.

  26. Dairy or non dairy ???

  27. It was my favourite anyway before I got a lactose-intolerance hehe

  28. My favorite! I ear the crumbled goat cheese all the time (but I also eat feta sometimes, and Gouda, and some other cheeses made with goat milk… I have a much easier time with it than the cow)

  29. im df i cant do goat either 🙁 same reaction maby a little minnor then dairy

  30. Depends if your dairy problem is lactose or casein or both

  31. Cow's milk sets off my autoimmune issues, but goat's milk products are fine for me to ingest.

  32. I've been dairy free for 6 months and decided to try goat cheese. My stomach was fine after eating but I didn't for 2 days. I'm definitely sticking to 0 dairy. You just have to listen to your body

  33. LOVE IT!!! Love love love love LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!! I don't have a dairy problem though.

  34. I adore goat cheese, especially in salads. I haven't tried it since my allergy testing 4 months ago because my allergy is to casein and whey, not lactose. I'm hoping if I heal my gut I can go back to certain cheeses. Cheese was my life !

  35. Love goat cheese… I put the cheddar on my pizza and nachos and I buy the goat feta for my salads.

  36. Yes, it's very delicious and actually good for you!

  37. Yes it's delicious never tried it until about 3 years ago never thought I would like it but it's amazing

  38. I can do it if I take digestive enzymes beforehand. Strawberry goat cheese salad is delish. Also goat cheese kefir helps some with gut health.

  39. Yes and I love it!

  40. Just had some herb goat cheese from Whole Foods and it was great!

  41. I used to love it but unfortunately I cant have it now x

  42. Im have just got into it I love it , i just hope its not calorific like soft cows milk cheese .

  43. Yes and Loved it BUT it didn't love me the same

  44. I can eat a little say on a salad but if I have to much it makes me bloated. I'm Greek and I used to eat it with almost everything

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