Has anyone tried Plexus?


Has anyone here tried Plexus? A friend of mine says that it will help. I’m all for finding something that will help, but it’s fairly expensive for me so I wanted more information from others before I tried it.

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  1. Didn’t help me

  2. Didn’t do crap for me. Huge waste of money…

  3. Didn’t help me either. Agree on total waste of money.

  4. I’m always skeptical.

  5. I love Plexus!

  6. I Tried everything and only the it works greens helped lower my thyroid antibodies down and in range and I haven’t had a flare in almost 5 months

  7. Be careful it has an ingredient that messes with regulating the thyroid and can lead to more issues. Use supplements that are known to help like selenium, magnesium, vit d and b12.

  8. Invest that cash in good vitamins. 🙂

  9. Waste of money

  10. I will say that if u try it, give it more than just a month. Ur body has been through hell for years so it won’t take just a month to fix it. U will go through to detox and u have to push through It but for me it was way worth it.

  11. Didn’t help. Very expensive.

  12. There are no magic bullets and plexus markets it as a magic bullet. Be careful of the review most are the ambassadors.

  13. Read The Root Cause, it will help.

  14. Get your meds right. Eat real food. Check for other ai diseases and health issues.

  15. I read, the root cause. After I read in it plexus came into my life. Five months later my medication has been decreased and I’m living my life again, hashimoto’s symptoms free and my doctor approved plexus ingredients.

  16. Tried plexus for a good 3 months. I felt so much worse and a HUGE waste of money. Invest in good natural supplements as mentioned above. You will most likely get more benefit from them

  17. My problem with plexus is they have people promoting the product as a cure all and healthy for everyone which is not the case. I have no problem (have friends that are ambassadors) with the promoting but no one has a disclaimer to check with your doctor first.

    That the person you are trying to get to buy may have underlying health issues. Making money is a great thing but to do it with jeopardizing someone else’s health is a problem for me. Not saying that it is intentional but because the person selling feels great that will work for everyone. Have we not learned with hashi that everyone is different and reacts different.

    That this is only a supplement and some ingredients can cause harm to those with certain health conditions. . I have friends promoting that all you need is to drink this pink drink and all your health problems are resolved. You lose weight by a pink drink. No, you lose weight because you are cutting out sugar and probably eating less. 80% of weight loss is diet. 20% is exercise. Health is overall. Diet, exercise and supplements in some cases. This is also a pyramid model. The ones above get money off of what you make and you make money off if who you recruit.

    I just wish people who are promoting this would be honest. It is not a cure. It is a piece of a puzzle for some. These are supplements that you can buy yourself if your health conditions warrant it

    Whenever i tell people what I did to lose weight through diet/exercise and supple my magnesium, selenium and vit d and 12. I always say this worked for me, too much selenium can cause kidney damage (see a doctor if you are unsure), same with the other vit I take are based on blood work. Sorry, I have read non ambassador reviews of this product and it isn’t all that good. There are many health warnings. People with bad kidney function should not take this product. People with thyroid issue prob should not take it because it regulates.

    I agree with some of plexus statement. Heal the gut but that was being promoted by the hashi sites long before pelxus. Again it is not a magic bullet.

  18. Save your money for healthy foods and vitamins. Not one thing is a miracle cure.

  19. This post is one of their SNEAKY ways to market the crap. Mention it and all the pink vultures say how wonderful it is then they pm you for sales. Boot the vultures out of the Facebook groups!

  20. I’m not a sneaky person trying to make sales of a product. Nobody put me up to this nor am I receiving anything for posting it. I am a person that is suffering from a new diagnosis that has been told that it will help and I wanted some opinions on the product before I invested any money in it. I’m a single mom with limited funds and I don’t want to be on a bunch of pharmaceuticals, so if I can find alternative ways of helping my health that would be awesome.

  21. Steph harkrider I don’t think anyone was referring to you asking the question. Unfortunately, on my newsfeed, other pages and sites it is a way for ambassadors to solicit without them knowing a person’s health conditions and saying it is a cure for everything. Some people who are so miserable and desperate to feel better and they will try it only to find that they feel worse. It works for some and that is great. If you are a single mom and have limited funds, I would not try this. Speak to your doctor about proven supplements. Assuming you have hashi, an expensive and a safe thing to try is to remove gluten, sugar and dairy from your diet. Remove processed foods from your diet Speak to your doc about a high protein low fat & carb diet. Speak to your doc about a good probiotic. There is a lot to this disease. I will tell you this, I did not take thyroid meds for 4 months due to insurance issues. I tried to control it by diet, exercise and supplements. Did not work. My levels went out of control and it took 4months to get everything back in order

    At this time anyone who claims that they are cured by plexus or any other product I want to see clinical results.

  22. I didn’t notice anyone even suggesting they were cured by Plexus. It works for me because I have metabolic syndrome and struggle like hell to not gain weight. Plexus balances my blood sugar and serum lipids and I can lose weight.

  23. Skinny Fiber is much better. Check out \nGetting Skinny with Courtney Luper on Facebook.

  24. Never tried Plexus but very pricey. I drink Alkaline water wth 72 minerals and has helped my fatigue a lot and joint pain. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and protects our organs and makes sense.

  25. I eliminated dairy, gluten, and sugar from my diet.I removed high processed foods and was eating protein, vegetables and certain fruits. I also was taking a list of Standard Process products and I switched from Synthroid to Nature-throid. Nothing was changing for me. At my daughter’s suggestion, I tried Plexus, only after consulting with my Naturopath and cardiologist (As I mentioned in my previous comment). I don’t consider myself cured, but I feel like my younger self. So instead of taking eleven Standard Process products, I take five Plexus products plus one that replaces Advil/Tylenol. This has cut down on what I spend monthly in supplements. Plus I work at drinking half my body weight in water.

  26. Thank you, everyone, for your comments! I am learning things I never would have known. Where do you all live?

  27. I love plexus. Been on it for four years!

  28. I spent thousands of dollars each year in 2013, 2014, and 2015 on Doctor visits dealing with my thyroid issues. I began taking Plexus in October of 2015 and have only been to the Doctor one time since and that was just routine blood work. I will say my blood work was phenomenal! The panic attacks and anxiety that had taken over my life are gone! I was extremely skeptical at first too. I am now an Ambassador just so that I can get my products at a reduced price. It may not work for everyone but it sure did work for me!

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