Has anyone tried The Cheerios?


Has anyone tried The Cheerios?

Dave Roe:

Killed me. But Fruity Pebbles I can eat by the big bowl fulls. If it wernt for the Fruity Pebbles my first few weeks of detoxing would have been even worse.

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  1. Yes and they seem to be ok

  2. Yes, and I will not eat them again. Much too inconsistent.

  3. Not safe

  4. I almost always use them because they help me

  5. Yes and cannot eat them. I get sick and so does my mom. Not safe in my mind.

  6. I’m too chicken to try them after they mislabeled 2 million boxes of the “gluten-free” cereal boxes last year.

  7. Tried? Yes
    Try again? NO

  8. Personally, I like them. Got sick when they first came out because of that gluten incident but the are much better now. I stick with the original Cherrios and not the flavored ones. Haven’t gotten sick since.

  9. They aren’t using true GF oats. They use a cleaning process to remove wheat. I know someone who is very sensitive to Gluten, ate the Cheerios and for the first time in years her celiac numbers were high. She took Cheerios out of her diet and was fine. Last I read Gluten Free Watchdog doesn’t recommend for anyone with Celiac.

  10. Yes eat almost every morning

  11. I eat tons of these heavenly delights, and they have the GF sign on them:

  12. Cheerios Not Celiac Friendly. See previous posts from yesterday and earlier.

  13. Yes and they make me sick, wont eat them no more

  14. I have a problem with Cheerios too. What about Quaker GF oats?

  15. Cheerios and rice Chex upsets my stomach, I stay away from both.

  16. OMG! I ate them for dinner last night and I was sick all night long with serious pain ect. All this morning while trying to work. Ugh! NEVER AGAIN!

  17. Cheerios killed me. But Fruity Pebbles I can eat by the big bowl fulls. If it wernt for the Fruity Pebbles my first few weeks of detoxing would have been even worse.

  18. Made me sick as well

  19. See reply above. Direct from the NCA – for USA

  20. Looks as though everyone is different

  21. Each country has its own rules/regulations/recommendations. Across the board, globally, I have found the Cheerios is not Celiac safe, by the various Celiac Associations.

  22. I get sick from cheerios I think because the genetically modified crap and other stuff thats in them.

  23. Things like Quaker Oats GF Oats and Aveeno are where the countries seem to differ. The key component is the purity protocol vs optical/mechanical sorting. You can look up the differences online.

  24. There is also something called th Oat Challenge, which is suggested after initial healing from Celiac. This is because there is a protein in Oats that mimics gluten and depending on your sensitivity, you may not be able to have oats because your body will have a “glutened” reaction.

  25. Noooooooo

  26. My husband likes them.

  27. im afraid to try them.

  28. I’d say don’t try the honey nut ones they made me very sick even tho it said GF on it. I personally don’t think so.

  29. I eat them all the time! No issues

  30. I eat them all the time without any problems.

  31. I have and I’ve been fine

  32. I want to add that having eaten them in the past and been fine:

    1) doesn’t mean they aren’t doing damage

    2) are actually gluten free

    3) that people with Celiac’s should be eating them.

    It means you got lucky on an unsafe product. It is Russian roulette at this point.

  33. I thought they were safe to estimate now.

  34. They came out with them bc the guys granddaughter couldn’t have gluten anymore…so they went to a lot of trouble and expenses….for them not be gf. ….bc the company went out of there way to make sure are gluten free

  35. I can’t eat them.

  36. they are not certified gluten free. Do not eat them! They truly contain gluten.

  37. Just because a company says they went to a lot of trouble and expense doesn’t mean they actually did it. A lot of companies are coming out with gluten free stuff not for Celiac’s but for the fad dieters.

  38. They don’t have gluten in them I eat it with no problem.

  39. They make me super sick because of the oats and the corn that is in them.

  40. I won’t risk it.

  41. I don’t know about you guys but I appreciate Carolyn clearing all that up & posting the correct article about the issues

  42. Yes, I eat the plain cheerios…..love them.

  43. Cherrios are the only ones i will eat, all the other ones are gross. I personally like the new flavors they got. Chex is too boring for me.

  44. General Mills has a long line of GF cereal, Cheerios are my favorite.

  45. No I tried blueberry rice chex that are glutenfree not bad

  46. I’ve had one box of honey nut and felt fine with them, but the next box made me feel ill. I believe its due to the high chance of cross contamination in the oat crops.

  47. I eat the pumpkin ones. I have a severe allergy to gluten and have so far been fine

  48. Yes..they are great

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