Has anyone used a menstrual cup?


Question for anyone who has heavy periods. Has anyone used a menstrual cup? What was your experience like? Also. Where do you buy one?

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  1. i love my cups! i have 3. I love how a cup can accommodate your flow so if you normally have light to medium flow like i do but out of nowhere you get heavy, you dont have to worry about having leaks or making sure you have the right absorbency tampon on you for that rare occasion! When i had a 4-5cm cyst in my left ovary, for a couple periods i lost 3x the amount of blood than i was used to and it was fantastic that my cup could handle that! I am so thankful i found cups! And it has shortened my period by 2 days!

  2. I love my Diva cup. I have very heavy periods, so I use a pantry liner just in case for the first two days, but that's on,y for piece of mind. As long as I empty in in time, I never leak.
    I bought mine at my local pharmacy.

  3. Thanks to this post, i took the quiz and it said i should try the lunnet cup. Has anyone used it? Im petite, ive had two vaginal births, my bf is rather well endowed and i rarely ever feel him bump my cervix (i think he usually goes past it). Any suggestions on the best cup for a 1st time user? My periods arent all that heavy on the pill. Would the lunnet 1 be good?

  4. I love my menstrual cup so much. I started using it when I was 13 and ive never done anything different. I use the Eva cup and bought it off amazon

  5. I love my menstrual cup! There's definitely a learning curve so I used a pad as back for the first 2-3 months. I bought the diva cup on Amazon.

  6. I just got off Nexplanon and haven't had a period in years, but I just bought my first menstrual cup (based on the quiz listed above) and a case for it off amazon! I'm patiently awaiting AF so I can try it out.
    It's my understanding they work just fine for heavy flow.

  7. I got mine at Walmart. I just switched from IUD to pill and my periods are pretty heavy so the first day or two I still use a pad but when my period starts to get lighter I use the cup and it's the best thing ever.

  8. I love my menstrual cup! Check out Put A Cup In It Facebook group. They also have a quiz on their website for which one is right for you and a comparison chart

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