Hashimoto, Sjogren’s and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.


I just read something that said Hashimoto’s can be in a triad with Sjogren’s and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!

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  1. Yikes! One auto-immune disease is enough!

  2. Once you have one ai disease you’re always at risk for more. It’s a crap shoot as to what you’d get. Some people don’t though so there’s no rule.

  3. It’s true if you have one autoimmune disease your chances are higher that you’ll get another.
    With that said my liver enzymes have been getting higher and an ultrasound shows non-alcoholic fatty liver. So I’ve been eating alot more green leafy veggies, blueberries, been GF(again) now for over 3 months, not much dairy, organic(at home only for over 3 yrs), milk thistle and some exercise and got my AST in the normal range and my ALT down 35 points and right outside of the normal range.. So I believe it’s helping.
    Not sure I’m answering your question though…lol

  4. Yeah.. the hashimotos website site, said if you have hashimotos, more than likely to develop another one, like lupus, sjorgens, and I can’t remember the others.

  5. Autoimmmune diseases usually happen in groups of three. I’ve read this in multiple places

  6. I have un differentiated connective tissue disease meaning I have more than one Hashimoto syorgens. fibromyalgia myofascial pain Reynard Hands and another one I can’t pronounce COCCox???????? Sometimes they like to all get together once. Ugh it never lets up. I can’t cry about it then they all say let’s mess with her then I’m down

  7. I have Sjögrens. I was dx with this before hashimotos.

  8. Yes, I’ve heard auto immune diseases piggyback. Lucky us.

  9. Sjogrens is quite often secondary to another autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens first, then hashimotos years later. Prob had both for a while, just took time to get diagnosed. Celiac is also very common with autoimmune disease also. Sadly it’s in my family. I eat gluten free so will never get a firm diagnosis on that one.

  10. Yup…these bastards bring friends to the autoimmune party…most have 3…but some have up to 7!!!

  11. If you have one auto immune you are prone to others.

  12. I have Sjogren’s, Donna, which came AFTER the Hashimoto’s by about 10 years. THANK GOD no evidence of PBC (my fear), but Sjogren’s does bring an increased risk for that, and for lymphoma. 🙁 My doctor now regularly tests me to see how my liver is functioning.

  13. PBC??? I’ve got hashimotos, psoriasis and IBS. My uncle had lymphoma I believe, I know for sure he had leukemia.

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