Hashimoto’s and awakening in the morning.


Anyone else have a really hard time waking up in the mornings? Like you are drugged and half awake and half asleep? Kinda feel like you are hallucinating sometimes almost?

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  1. Every single day!

  2. Every single day

  3. Yes every day

  4. I’ll tell u my daughter who is 12 her doctor recommended 5htp which didn’t help but they now make a time released melatonin 5htp and she actually sleeps thru the night and feels rested! It’s amazing

  5. Check your Free T3. When I got mine at the top of the range I had no isuues 🙂 or symptoms!

  6. Yes!!!!!!

  7. I feel like I died

  8. Well this is a loaded question because some people aren’t morning people like me but if have to agree that hashi’s plays a role in being overly tired and sore.

  9. Meriah. You are not alone

  10. Yes takes me about an hour before fully awake even though I am up and about

  11. I’ve been having this for the first time. My Hashimotos has flared and I am under medicated. I hate this feeling in the morning.

  12. Sometimes and other days I seem better. I don’t know if it’s Hashis. I have other medical issues and sometimes it just seems easier to think of \

  13. Couldn’t agree more

  14. Yes, used to be the story of my life, everyday.

  15. I feel like I have been punched in the face every morning. :/

  16. It is so horrible! It’s a chore to drag myself out of bed every single morning

  17. Every day. I’m glad I am a housewife now and no longer working outside the home.

  18. Look into “adrenal fatigue” or HPA dysfunction – it is really common with Hashimoto’s.

  19. I can’t wait to get my cortrosyn stimulation test results

  20. Yes! All the time…drugged is the best word for it.

  21. I always did. Now I work 2nd shift and get all the sleep I need.

  22. I thought that is the way everyone wakes up…hmmm

  23. Ha yes, I used to wake up, start cooking breakfast, have a lie down, get up again, continue preparing breakfast, rest, finish cooking, eat breakfast and have a rest.

    Some things that have helped are breathing, meditation, visualisation and when able yoga or pilates. Just to try and help with adrenal fatigue.

    Also, I have found the AIP diet good, the first week was miserable, after that I felt so much better.

  24. Yes, same here. Don’t even ask me to be coherent before 11

  25. Yes, it’s so difficult to wake up sometimes. I’ve gotten so much better now though! I only wake up that way maybe 1-2 times per week now.

  26. That’s how I used to be always. I moved taking my synthroid from morning to night, and this problem improved significantly.

  27. Following

  28. Every day!

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