Hashimoto’s and successful pregnancy?


I have hashimotos. Yesterday found out I am pregnant. I have had 1-2 miscarriages in the past year and a half. Got diagnosed with hashimotos a year ago. So my question is what did you do to help you have a successful pregnancy. I know everyone’s bodies are different. Any info, suggestions, facts is appreciated.

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  1. Are your levels good right now? Making sure you're in range is vital to fertility and health of the baby. I'm pregnant too, due in June. I've been taking my prenatals regularly and generally taking it easy.

  2. I called my endo have appt. Wednesday. Wasn't sure if I need them checked before then?

  3. I'm on 50mcg of levo.

  4. Have you been tested for MTFHR? I took/take Pure Encapsulations B Complex.

  5. I've had 2 without issue. Trust your OB and thyroid Dr. I would not take anything without talking to your Dr

  6. Make sure your progesterone levels are good, and on the higher side of normal. Supplement if they seem low.

  7. My sister in law had 3 miscarriage before she was able to finally carry 3 babies to full term with no trouble at all. She had hashimotos also. Her problem was she did not produce enough Progesterone so when she finally had a successful pregnancy she found a doctor who gave her progesterone suppositories she had to use for a while as soon as she found out she was pregnant. As long as she did this she was able to carry to full term. Her doctor said it was common in women suffering from Hashimotos. Might would work for you too! Good Luck

  8. I m pregnant too, i saw my endocrinologo immediately, to raise my dosage, your tsh should be below 2.5 in the first semester, check your t4 free! My gyne was checking my progestorone every 2 weeks in the furst trimester, now i m 18 weeks pregnant! I had one misscarriage due to my hashimoto

  9. I did not do anything special during my pregnancies ( diagnosed with Hashi's many years before deciding to start a family) other than making sure my thyroid levels were stable. Balanced diet, a bit of exercise, plenty of rest. That's it. Congratulations and good luck to you!

  10. My endo told me to take a double dose of synthroid and call her right away when I found out I was pregnant. She did labs several times throughout pregnancy to make sure my levels were ideal.

  11. I was diagnosed w hashimoto and hypoactive thyroid when I got pregnant w my first son. Just had my second perfect boy (8 months ago) take your meds, my dr advised that keeping tsh below 2 is ideal for baby's development. Drink lots of water, I suggest avoiding soy and gluten (and raw cruciferous veggies). Make sure to take your med first thing in the am w full glass of water and avoid eating/ drinking for at least 30 min after you take your meds. I took my supplements in the evening to now interfere w my meds absorbing. Good luck mama

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