Hashimoto’s can cause problems during pregnancy


Hashimoto’s can also cause problems during pregnancy. Recent research from Johns Hopkins suggests that women with this condition are more likely to give birth to babies with heart, brain, and kidney defects. This is true even when their thyroid function tests are normal during pregnancy.

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  1. Link to your source, please? Group members may become alarmed at a blanket statement like that.

  2. I know several women who have hashis and their levels are not always in the perfect range. They were followed as high risk .. they gave birth to healthy babies. One was born a few weeks early but all are healthy.

  3. Both my babies were fine.

  4. I was pregnant with our daughter and had Hashi’s. No brain damage, no damage at all. She is a very healthy little girl!

  5. Oh, and I had no complications during that pregnancy. Smooth sailing all the way.

  6. I have 4 children. Had Hashimotos during 3 pregnancies. With my second baby I found out I was pregnant about 3-4 weeks of finding out I had Hashimotos. My numbers were not level and my medication was still trial and error. All of my babies were born healthy with no issues from my hashis. I was considered higher risk and was followed by an endocrinologist and midwives. Had my levels checked frequently about every 4-6 weeks and had meds adjusted accordingly. It is very important to get levels checked as soon as you discover you’re pregnant because the meds need to be adjusted right away typically.

  7. I had 2 healthy children

  8. Hashimotos with 3 of my 4 pregnancies and I’ve had perfect pregnancies with healthy babies.

  9. I was undiagnosed and super hypo in pregnancy. …ton of symptoms but Noone thought to ever check my thyroid. My daughter had a stroke in utero . It happens, it’s scary and we need to be followed closely by doctors who care! It’s a continuum of disease and it all depends how far down that continuum you are.

  10. Undiagnosed Hashi/hypo during both pregnancies. One perfect child, one with autism. I’m not convinced my illness caused the autism. My husband seems to have Asperger’s.

  11. 4 healthy children – had this condition for 50 years now.

  12. My baby was fine. He did end up in the nicu bc he swallowed fluid which is unrelated to hashis. My pregnancy was fine also. I was followed carefully by my Drs and had to see high risk Drs just in case

  13. Had Hashi w my third child. He was born with urine reflux. This is when the urine flows back into his kidneys. Dont know if having Hashis had anything to do w it.

  14. I am glad to hear… I have been thinking for a while is it good to have a child with this disease or not.. Thank you ladies.

  15. Had my first child at 19, had no idea I even had a thyroid problem until I was in my early 30’s, although looking back I believe I started showing symptoms in my 20’s. My daughter was born w double ureters and had urine reflux that required surgery bc one pair of ureters was closed at the bottom, so urine would flow in, then back into her kidneys causing all kinds of damage and infections. They actually opened a hole in her bladder (vesicostomy) and tied it to her stomach so she peed thru that hole instead of her urethra. She had that from 3 mos to 3 yrs, but still her kidneys became so damaged that the left only works 12% and the right at 88%. Their intent was to go in and take the extra ureters and the top halves of her kidneys..BUT she was prayed for at church and when the surgeon went to complete the surgery it was healed 🙂 They closed up the hole and she was good to go, although the damage to the kidneys was not healed. Interesting bc they could never figure out why it might’ve happened..

  16. I have 2 healthy children. It is just wrong to post something so ridiculous.

  17. My bubba does have a heart defect (right aortic arch) and also is missing half a rib! on the flip side he has a super high IQ so that’s like his superhero vice I guess..


    My daughter has tachycardia

  18. My daughter was born completely healthy. I had my numbers checked monthly. She was born 3 weeks early but that was due to pre-eclampsia.

  19. You guys shouldn’t discredit this jut because you were lucky enough to have healthy kids. Good for you god choose to give you perfect healthy kids. Some others on this site weren’t so lucky. Like my mother wasn’t that lucky I have one kidney because of her hashis.

  20. My hashis didnt appear until after my son was born. He is fine. I have not been able to succesfully have another pregnancy.

  21. I had 3 very healthy boys. One just graduated from USF in electrical engineering and works for NASA. One graduates from USF next year with a major in physics. My youngest is in 8th grade and can graduate his Sophomore year. I did miscarry 2x’s and I had a daughter with Trisomy 18 and she died just 2 weeks after she was born.

  22. I had my daughter in 1969,3 miscarriages, then a boy in 1977. Hashi was not diagnosed until 2000.First I was told I had thyroid cancer (wrong) then told I didn’t have Hashi, then I went to an endocrinologist who said the previous doctor just didn’t know how to read the test results and yes, I did have Hashimoto’s. Was put on 200 mcg Synthroid until last year my cardiologist lowered it to 175 because my tsh was below 2. I was feeling great and I consider a tsh below 2 as prime operating level. Waiting to see what today’s blood tests tell and if they are above 3 I’m finding another endocrinologist who will put me back to 200 mcg. Synthroid not Levothyroxin. Does anyone else see a difference between the way you feel on Synthroid vs. Levothyroxin?

  23. Still no link to the information?? Very bad style.

  24. any birth defects i think – my 1st son was born with a cleft lip and palate xx

  25. Since the original poster couldn’t be bothered to cite her source here’s some further information: \n\

  26. i hope altho alarming that ladies will get better help and as this says be screened for thyroid probs cuz i had a shock when my son was born and wished id known the risks and more about them xx

  27. Once a babies thyroid forms it learns to regulate stuff for itself and an even helps\nThe mother until giving birth!!! Positive thoughts

  28. I had 3 healthy children. I had undiagnosed Hashimoto’s with the first 2 though. All 3 have developed Hashimoto’s in their late teens. I was recently told we pass the antibodies to the baby during the 3 trimester.

  29. I am sorry I posted this but I completely shocked when I saw this. I found it on http://www.healthline.com/health/chronic-thyroiditis-hashimotos-disease#Treatment6 I was recently diagnosed and trying to understand it. I have had 4 miscarriages recently but Also have a 2 year old with complicated pregnancy.

  30. My child is perfectly healthy.

  31. I have six healthy very intelligent children including a set of twins I carried full term.

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