Hashimoto’s Disease and B12


A nutritionist suggested to my husband I should try vitamin B12 shots and magnesium, but wanted me to check if the B12 was contraindicated by the Hashis. Has anyone tried B12 and if you did how did it work for you?

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  1. Didn’t work for me. I was getting them 2x a week and felt no different.

  2. Dang. Did it cause any issues? How long were you getting them for?

  3. I give myself b-12 shots weekly and I can tell the difference.

  4. What does it do for you? I was told increased energy and metabolism

  5. I did B12 shots for awhile and it helped but then I leveled out (stopped getting the wonderful energy bursts). My naturopath told me it was only supposed to be temporary anyways. I just take the tabs now every once in awhile. My energy levels are much better than back when I needed the shots. Worth a try!

  6. I can feel when my b12 injection is wearing off. Every 2 weeks, or I feel weak. If you don’t need it, you won’t notice a difference. If you do, you will.

  7. I have hashi amd then some more autoimmune stuff. Pn eof them is pernicious anemia. I am getting B12injections and need them for a life. I can not use dietary B12. The energy burts is nice , but if i am low i have muscle pain and nerve pain. Why the dr. suggested injection and not dietary increease?

  8. My dr has me on B12 sublingual and homocysteine supreme, which has B’s in it and just had lab including B12 checked, had been very fatigued. I’m not sure if I still need to be on Armour Thyroid for a long time or change. I trust my naturopathic dr more because she has Hashimoto’s herself and her endo dr had same response with her, too bad!!

  9. Get your levels checked first to see if u r deficient and need the b12. Many hashimotos persons have pernicious anemia which is the autoimmune side of b12. If u have low b12 MMA labs should be tested for the latter.

  10. Try selenium. It did WONDERS for me.

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