Hashimoto’s Disease and Florida


A few questions for those of you who live in Florida. How is the weather for you? How does it affect your body, and how is it during a flare up? How is the healthcare?

I have Fibromyalgia, Raynauds, UCTD (most likely Lupus but they won’t pull the trigger yet), Hashimoto’s, and a few other things.

I’m thinking about relocating to Florida from NY, but I’ve heard mixed opinions so I’d like to get some feedback from all of you. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. It’s horrible…We live in Oklahoma and I have fibro while my oldest daughter who’s 11 has hashis and hypo. Every time we go there she hates being outside as she sweats so bad and it’s a garentee I have a flare up. We have looked into moving as we have family there but Florida is one of the worse places to live with an autoimmune disease in general

  2. I live in florida. I love the warm weather. I also have a doctor that I like. A new one has opened up and i m excited about it. She was my kids pediatrician.

  3. The heat is something your body gets used to, sweating is an amazingly good thing for us because we sweat out toxins transdermally and our bodies are laden with toxins, plus we have better d3 kevels from being closer to the sun, it’s the fountain of youth state

  4. I don’t live in florida but I can tell you body wise I moved from ny to nc and it did help. However allergy wise it worsened. But I will take allergies over my entire body aching any day

  5. I live in Florida and don’t really kbow different as I was diagnosed here (before I was symptomatic. ) My general doctor caught it, and all of my doctors are amazing. I will say that my migraines are worse in the summer because heat and direct sunlight is a trigger. The humidity actually seems good for my skin. We are just wise about time spent outside in the summer especially.

  6. moved from upstate NY to Florida 9 years ago. I do much better in the heat than I ever did in the cold. I can always sit in air conditioning…couldn’t find enough clothes to put on in the cold…and you don’t have to shovel heat/humidity 🙂

  7. I moved to Florida from Indianapolis….it worked wonders for my cold intolerance!! I feel bbtter here, but now I got allergies lol

  8. I live in atl about 4 hours north of fla line. The weather here is soooooo hot. If you are used to mild summers the heat will hit you hard. If your smart you will stay out of the sun like i do. I cant tolerate the heat very long. I love fla all other months. Im usually there 3 to 4 days several times a year. The ocean breeze is great. Salt water is great for your skin and soul. Ga weather is about the same heat in the summer as say daytona but ga is sooooo much more humid. I personally would love to move there. I just know i have to listen to my self and not stay in the sun.

  9. The biggest thing you need to do is avoid sugar, and foods which cause sensitivity. Maintain level blood sugar, and avoid fasting. Avoid overexertion and stress..these are the main things I think of that cause inflammation. Adjust yourself to the heat slowly.

  10. It took a while but, am used to it now. I have a wonderful endocrinologist. I am sure to take water though everywhere, and to eat a bit better. I am near Clearwater FL close to Tampa. Much better than the cold as far as my body and joints are concerned.

  11. Feel much better in Florida. It’s will be last winter I spend in cold Kentucky. My body can’t tolerate cold no more. I need warmth.

  12. I lived in florida.for a while. I come from a cold humid place, but florida humidity was very bad.

    My bones ached terribly everytime i went outside, my joints. I am only 26 and had the body aches of an older lady. I could barely stand being outside on humid days.
    Hot weather made me.slower and made me feel more tired and dizzy.

    On the bright side, you sweat so much that if you excercise there you get rid of bad things, and somehow i dont know why tbh, your metabolism speeds up
    I lost weight in florida without trying. I always had weird lateral rolls on my abdomen, and in florida they did go a way.

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