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I have Hashimotos Disease and I am also going through menopause. I had a hysterectomy years ago but have one ovary. I’m on Estrace plus levothyroxine. My question is could being on both hormone replacements cause me to have mood swings? Sometimes I just can’t stand anyone. I get frustrated easy especially with family members because they are the only ppl around me. My anxiety is thru the roof! I don’t understand this disease and this up and down mood is driving me and my husband nuts!! I just happened to think maybe there’s a link between taking both hormone replacements. Any help will be appreciated!!

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  1. Pill form. Couldn’t keep the patches on.

  2. Oral estradiol can cause an increase in thyroxine-binding globulin in the bloodstream so some women need to increase their thyroid medication to compensate. Have you been on the Estrace for quite some time or is it a new thing?

  3. I’ve been on it 3 or 4 yrs now.

  4. I started using a transdermal estradiol gel (applied to skin once daily) about 4 years after after a partial hysterectomy with subsequent ovarian failure and it helped my meno symptoms so much. I actually had to lower my thyroid meds just slightly since transdermal administration doesn’t have the same effect as oral estrogen.

  5. My problem is mostly mood. I do have all the other going on but my mood swings are going to cause a divorce!!! I just can’t stand to be around my husband sometimes! I don’t socialize bc I don’t want to be around anyone.

  6. Do either one of you think maybe it’s a mixture of both hormones causing my anxiety and mood swings? That’s what I really need to know.

  7. Ask your Dr. for Xanax or something similar. that you can take only once in a while. I have one ovary……Hashi’s, Hypo..taking Armour and estrogen replacement. My anxiety gets bad and I’m cranky often. When I start driving myself and everyone nuts with my mood I take a pill. It brings me down until the mood passes. I also limit caffeine ,eat clean and exercise for at least an hour a day. I’m 41 and not looking forward to menopause.

  8. I’m going through the exact same thing and struggling with which symptoms are from Hashimoto’s and which are from menopause. I’m 52 years old and really don’t want to spend the rest of my life consumed with what is what and how to treat it anymore!

  9. I’ve had Hashimoto’s since I was a child and menopause (I am 53) has been my absolute worst time so far. My thyroid specialist also say she has trouble telling the difference between hypo and meno symptoms in her patients.

  10. I’m 52 and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s at 28 years old but certain that I’ve had it since I was a teenager. I did ok with it and was somewhat enjoying life till about 3 years ago. Then it all went to hell in a handbasket! I’ve tried everything within my powers to treat it and snap out of this but to no avail. The medical system I am in is a whole other ballgame.

  11. I know I might get flack for this but…I also only have one ovary and I am on 325mcg of levoxyl and started taking Estroven.. I have terrible nightsweats,anxiety and moodswings..to me the nightsweats are the most horrible..when I did have them to the point of restless leg/anxiety, I would literally cry and rock myself to sleep..started taking Estroven Cool and there has been a difference..I am less anxious and don’t have to move around as much and the sweats are decreasing

  12. Whatever works for you is great in my book.

  13. Personally, I must attribute this to Hashimotos. I have been through menopause. I have been on hormones, but not from the beginning. My crazy moods began with Hashimotos. Thyroid affects everything.

  14. I was diagnosed with hashimoto before dr said I was going through menopause bc I had all the symptoms. My symptoms didn’t stop until I was put on Prozac. So go figure!! Idk what it is and the DR’s I’ve seen don’t have a clue as to what to do. I can’t keep dealing with this anxiety and mood swings!! It’s driving me nuts!!! Along with everyone else!!

  15. I am going thru menopause, had a hysterectomy but have my ovaries. I am going through the same feelings, anxieties and such as you described. I am only on Synthroid. My endo said it is the menopause that is causing all the crazy feelings.

  16. I straightened out when I started taking progesterone estradiol testosterone pellet the best dosage of Armour selenium zinc and GABA

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