Hashimoto’s disease and my hair…


I have lost 1/2 my hair from this disease. Has anyone gotton this disease under control and gotton their hair back??

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  1. My hair falls out in “waves” when my levels are out of whack. The “amount” of hair I lose on a daily basis, though, is significantly less once I found the right shampoo/conditioner combo. And I had to find the right combo due to my hair’s brittleness from another AI disease I have. Turned out to be a win-win situation for me.

    I feel for you and your current situation. It is not a pleasant experience.

  2. Yes, Check your iron, ferritin, and t3 levels. I take biotin supplements as well

  3. Yes! I meant to mention that, too. Thank you, Penny! Ugh…brain function not the best right now. Boo.

  4. Also vitamin D

  5. I have. The day I realized my the hair on my arms grew back was a great day. Hair on my head grew back thicker too. Downside…I have to shave my legs again.

  6. I have lots of hair loss but taking Vitamin D and Biotin has helped. I also saw that there are some hair skin and nails vitamins that helped (herbal).

  7. Anyone lose their eyebrows? And have them return?

  8. I am seeing a dermatologist in Dallas TX, I take shots in my scalp and have gotten alot of my hair back but it is a day by day ordeal.

  9. I woke up bald overnight, and that is not an exaggeration! Thank god for the dr I found in Dallas, i just moved here and I have a great group of drs that help keep me half way level. But there are times I struggle with literally gaining weight overnight. When I was diagnosed in 2005 they warned me but I had no idea what to expect, it is tough but it could be worse! I am thankful for the days I wake up and nothing new is happening. I just finished horrible meds for a bacterial infection in my abdomen, they were rough on my system.

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