Hashimoto’s Disease and Tattoos


This may be a weird question? Has anyone had issues with tattoos

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  1. I have 9 and have never had an issue. What are you experiencing?

  2. I was just wondering before I got one 🙂

  3. I have seven and have never had any issues at all

  4. No issues here 🙂

  5. None here
    I have 2

  6. I have seven also, and have never had any issues.

  7. No issues. But i haven't gotten any post diagnosis…

  8. I am almost covered , on one sleeve I had trouble absorbing ink in a certain area …it wouldn't go in he had to wait 6 weeks and go back and redo..but all my tattoos are color..

  9. I have one / a butterfly … My colors faded . I had a touch-up and it has faded again !

  10. I rejected green ink from one but the person doing it wore latex gloves even though I explicitly said I was allergic to latex the whole thing got infected and didn't heal right and now my bodies been breaking it down. I haven't had major problems with my others done by a different artist.

  11. All good here

  12. I have 7, never had an issue

  13. I've read that you should use non-toxic vegan inks. I'm thinking of getting one

  14. No. But put coconut oil on it of it hurts

  15. No issues for me

  16. Thank y'all for all the responses

  17. I have 3! Never any problems

  18. The 3 I got before my TT healed fine, my last one took 6 weeks to heal.

  19. I have three tattoos but when I got my ribs done about three weeks later I had huge lumps under my armpit. I went to the doctor and they did a cat scan and sent me to a surgeon he removed 14 lymphnodes because of size and when they biopsied them they said my body was rejectin g the ink and my lymphnodes couldn't process it. I since haven't had another and didn t have issues with the other two. Not sure why it happen.

  20. Yes, I had one done about 20 years ago and in the past 3 years I have had the black line become raised out of nowhere. I have a rare autoimmune kidney disease that popped up along with hashimotos 3 years ago. I will not get another one myself knowing that my body is having a hard time with it. I can't help thinking it may have played a roll in my kidney issue but no way to know for sure. Good luck.

  21. Idk I have so many problems who knows where they're coming from

  22. Mine bruised severely until I got my anti body's down.

  23. As someone diagnosed with hashis, I wouldn't have a tattoo as you never know how your immune system is going to react. Lots of people obviously have tattoos before they are diagnosed and are fine but as some of the people on this thread have described, the immune system can react even years after the fact.

  24. nope and im covered

  25. I would never have a tattoo done…..too many auto immune disease risks already with Hashi's……just imho!

  26. I have 5 tattoos and plan on getting many more. Hashi's has nothing at all to do with tattoos. You will be fine, go for it!

  27. After talking to my specialist, she did say that ink has been found in lymph nodes. I wouldn't put a blanket statement on it not having to do with hashimotos or other diseases. Do what you feel is right for you though. It looks like most of the responses have not had issues that they know of but some have. Discuss with your doctor. I wish I could get another.

  28. I have 4 tattoos and never had a problem with any of them

  29. Certain inks once used in tattooing did not allow the person access to an MRI due to the lead content I believe. Apparently, these inks are not being used anymore. Soldiers with shell fragments in their bodies are also not allowed an MRI. If you were the patient in need of a MRI, this could be argued as a life or death situation. Food for thought.

  30. I wonder how many people getting tattoos even ask about the safety of the ink as some artists may still be using old stock of inks with lead in them until they get caught. Getting a tattoo is not my choice to tell you -make up your own minds once you get qualified information and it may save you some health problems in the future.

  31. I have two, but when my functional doctor saw them he told me to never get another one again.

  32. My primary doctor and endocrine specialist said it's not a problem getting tattoos as long as you are careful,,sanitary conditions, etc… who is a functional doctor?

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