Hashimoto’s affecting my body in any other ways?


Question: After a TT last week it was determined I had Hashimoto’s. My surgeon said there isn’t much to worry about any longer regarding Hashimoto’s since I no longer have a thyroid for it to attack. Anyone have any other thoughts? Should I be worried about Hashimoto’s effecting my body in any other ways? Thanks!

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  1. It will find another target. What an ass of a doctor

  2. Your doctor should lose his license

  3. Hashimoto is not a thyroid disease. It attacks the thyroid.

  4. Hashimoto's is an organ specific autoimmune disease unlike something that's systemic like lupus.

    Your doctor is right. There's nothing for your body to attack but you still have to take your thyroid meds.

  5. The issue is that it is nearly impossible to remove every single cell of thyroid tissue so it can still be an issue. However the biggest thing about Hashimotos is that the attacks cause an eventual break down of the thyroid leading to hypothyroidism. At that point medication is needed to keep levels where they need to be. If you have had your thyroid removed, you will already be on the replacement medications and have your levels monitored. There is nothing more that needs to be done because of the hashis as there is no specific treatment for it.

  6. Not to start an argument, but the literature I have found said it is organ specific.

  7. I went through the same. Had cancer and when they removed thyroid they found my hashimotos. I was also told lucky you because now you don't have it. Having a TT means meds for life, which means blood test and monitoring for life. My endo said as long as my levels are good so is my hashimotos. Hope this helps, as you can see it is highly controversial subject. Lots of luck, I've been there!

  8. Since one autoimmune disease can trigger another or others, could she still have complications resulting from Hashis? Knowing how the immune system works, the gut, etc. I'd still live and treat myself, with doctor supervision, as if I still had the condition. If it were as simple as removing the thyroid and you're healed/cured, wouldn't a lot of us with the disease opt to do this? I'd also be curious about long term damage or effects on other systems of the body depending on how long one has been sick with Hashis.

  9. Not Hashi's, but another autoimmune disorder developing

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. For additional context: I had two large goiters that were impacting my windpipe and voice. Also had a follicular lesion. So, the full glad was removed due to those reasons. The hashi's was only discovered thought pathology after the glad was removed, so I wasn't aware I even had it.

  11. You need to worry about what other part of your body the antibodies can attack. Hashimotos isn't a thyroid issue it's an autoimmune issue.

  12. Omg no. Hashimoto's is a gut and systemic issue that just so happens to impact the thyroid in a measurable way. It also affects the entire rest of your body!!

  13. Good grief even a basic google search shows Hashimoto's is organ specific.

  14. I had my TT last month due to cancer, I have been treated for Hashimotos for the past 8 years . I was told once you have Hashimotos you will always have Hashimotos

  15. With Hashimoto's, it does attack the thyroid..BUT.. if you have a thyroid removal, it will attack other organs. It is an autoimmune disease. That's why you want to leave your thyroid in (even if it is completely dead) unless you have to take it out for cancer. Prayers!

  16. Y'all have to admit there is a ton of bad information out there. Not to mention, just reading in the two groups I'm in, the differences in treatments, diets and etc. I've honestly given up. After fighting my cancer and having my thyroid taken out and now being in remission I feel better than I have in years. If one day I start feeling bad and find out it is my hashimotos I'll deal with it then. I don't know how people with a disease that makes you so tired have so much energy to fight over it. Not pointing fingers just don't get it.

  17. You should tead isabella wentz's books about hashi. Stop the thyroid madness is good too.

  18. I was told the same thing.

  19. Yes what killed your thyroid will attack in other ways many times creating more autoimmune disorders. The thyroid was never the problem just the side effect

  20. My daughter is 7 and we just went in on monday for her bloodwork and her endo treated me like i was crazy when i brought up the hashimoto diet and taking selenium and zinc!! He told me all she needed was a well balanced diet and multivitamins and her synthroid?? Wth??

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