Hashimotos is in a flare.


I have a question. I received a call from the nurse at my GP’s office. She said my blood test is back, and my Hashimotos is in a flare. What does that mean? I asked if my levothyroxine should be lowered, and she said the doctor did not advise it should be. The doctor advised that I follow a dairy and gluten free diet, and come back in February. What does all this mean and what should I do to about the flare? TIA

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  1. I’m not sure what that means but I’m curious if you were feeling any different or if your symptoms felt worse before you heard this from your doctor?

  2. What kind of doctor is your GP?

  3. It would be interesting to know what they found in the bloodwork that indicated a “flare” if they are going to keep your dose the same.

  4. Can you see an Endocrinologist?

  5. Gluten free has caused my TPO and TSI to finally be in the double digits. Try one at a time and see if you feel better, I would start with gluten. I did.

  6. If doctors are now saying to go Gluten/Dairy free, im thinking theres a lot of truth to it! I am trying to go Gluten free too!

  7. Could be that your antibodies were up or that your TSH or T4/T3 numbers were out of the normal range. I’ve been meaning to read “Root Cause,” and in it, I think the author does talk about the importance of diet. I’ve been virtually gluten free for a while now (every now and then, something with gluten creeps in). I have to admit, low sugar and low gluten amounts do make me feel, overall, better.

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