Have any of you did Shakeology?


Another question. Have any of you did Shakeology or doing it now?Thoughts/Success with it? Plan on starting it maybe next week. ThankYou.

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  1. I do (btw I do not sell it)… I had started before seeing my DO and she had me remove a lot of things from my diet but the vegan shake-o was one thing she told me to leave in to help with nutrient depletion. I also should note that it has quinoa in it and after doing AIP quinoa is one thing I am able to tolerate

  2. I’ve wondered myself. If your body would bloat up, etc to it.

  3. I have been using shakeology.for the past 10 months. I have last and kept.off over 30lbs. All my levels were perfect at my last physical. I need to get my portions in check on all other meals to have optimal weightloss…. but I love it.!!!!!! I do chocolate vegan. I am an independent coach, but I don’t “SELL” I do it for the personal discount.

  4. Does it have dairy? Do you guys have a shake twice a day and then a meal at dinner? Just curious how it works! And how much per month

  5. The vegan is dairy free. I only drink it for one meal. Mostly breakfast and if I go to my bootcamp class or do any exerting exercising then I’ll drink it right after for muscle recovery…etc..

  6. Do you think the dairy is gonna be a huge problem? Will it be like a milkshake? I already feel a stomach ache coming on ..

  7. Have any of you tried VegaOne? No dairy, soy or gluten….

  8. Coconut milk

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