Have any of you experienced hives like this?


Hi. I need some advice. I fell about a week ago, down a flight of stairs. (I was vacuuming and it came down with me and landed on top of me). Luckily, nothing was broken. Just some bruises and bad impact on my shoulder. I’ve been seeking Chiropractic care. A few days after, I’ve been experiencing chronic hives, major hives that cluster and look like huge blisters all over my body (this happens at night). So I’m basically always on Benadryl. My vitiligo is spreading, and I have sebbhoric dermatitis on my hairline. My question is mainly about the hives. Have any of you experienced hives like this? I did like 5 years ago (before Hashis diagnosis) and it just went away after several months. Any suggestions? These hives are bringing me to tears! Thanks <3

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  1. I had the same type of accident and ended up with a concussion (I was 7 months pregnant)…not fun! I have not yet had issues with hives, but I can tell you that any trauma like you had can definitely trigger any number of symptoms – old and new! Be kind to yourself and understand that the healing process is slow and difficult when your immune system is fighting against you!

  2. I am so sorry you fell. I have decided I hate falling!! Hives are so weird. My dh used to get them all the time. Then I switched to a powder laundry soap and he hasn’t had them since. However, this is weird.. but my sister was visiting some gal who was having trouble with hives.. and about 2 weeks later, my sister started getting them. She swears it’s a virus lol. I’m wondering if your fall triggered something.

  3. Sounds like a concussion. But, I’m NOT a Dr. I had one & so did my daughter. Took 1 year to get better. If it is a concussion take it one day at a time. You will get better.

  4. Try cutting out sugar and wheat. If hives are due to bacteria, these things feed them so cut them out of your diet for a month and see if you notice improvement. It helped me.

  5. Do you have a picture? It might be shingles which is a caused by trauma or stress

  6. Stress and trauma can definitely cause hives too on it’s own. So sorry for your fall. 🙁

  7. One way to see if it’s possibly hives is to take some Benadryl or other antihistamine. Oftentimes that will help hives. If it’s shingles or another virus it would most likely be unaffected by Benadryl.

  8. Shingles only responds to specific meds. Her blister comment was telling. I’ve never seen hives blister?

  9. Thanks for the replies. I do know it’s not shingles or a concussion. It is hives. I’ve experienced this five years ago and it just kept getting worse to where my face would swell. I’m just afraid of that happening again. I am taking a prescription antihistamine. They also gave me a steroid pack but I really don’t want to go there. I’m.just wondering if anyone had advice for what they may have done? I am gluten free. I’m going to eliminate dairy and all sugar and corn. But I’m wondering if anyone has gone through this. I also have vitiligo and it’s getting worse with the hives as well.

  10. This isn’t my body. They aren’t flared up right now but this is pretty close to what they look like. Only bigger clusters usually on my thighs and butt and forearms

  11. Andrea my son got hives from antihistamine found out he had an allergy to benedryl and welts like that are common with med allergies. Do you have a not around wrists? Do they itch?

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