Have you ever become iron deficient?


Question for former or current vegetarians/vegans:

Have you ever become iron deficient? Labs show I am not anemic. Haven’t had my ferritin checked yet, but suspect I may be iron deficient from being vegetraian

I’ve been vegetarian for the past 4 years, and mostly vegan for the past year. I became really unwell recently and noticed that I felt SOOO much better when I had some beef. I then started taking desiccated liver and felt even better! Thinking it’s either the iron or B12.

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  1. The best thing is to get your nutrients from real foods, not isolated minerals or synthetic vitamins. It doesn't really matter which specific nutrient found in beef that your body is lacking- eat more beef!

  2. Linda,
    Usually with vegetarians and vegans it's b12 that's low causing problems.
    Here's the recommended testing and HTMA with consult.
    Magnesium, zinc, copper and iron panel testing



    HTMA and consult



    Hi Linda, I was vegan for a year about 5 years ago. I developed iron deficiency anemia during that time. My B12 levels were tested and were fine, though. B12 deficiency is a concern for vegans and vegetarians as well.

  3. I was vegetarian, then vegan, for about 5 years when my kids were little. I got anemic, had low B12, felt awful. Grandma died of pernicious anemia (B12 deficiency), so I went back to eating "normally." Lost enzymes for digesting meat, had to supplement for about a year or got bad indigestion after eating meat. Better now, but have hemochromatosis, have to get excess iron removed. It's always something!

  4. I don't think it's so much the cause of iron deficiency you should be able to get iron from vegetables the body only takes a small quantity of iron from food unless you have HH . It's about how your body utilises the iron and balances it with other minerals

  5. Yes , deficient in iron , b12 and d

  6. I was vegetarian for 7 years in my 20's and got super sick. No red meat in 22 years except a brief trial on AIP.. doesn't agree with me. I am very meat selective but I can tell you- being a veggie head about killed me. Now I am allergic to beans and nuts, and finding out all grain even rice screws me up now.

  7. I used to be vegan for several years and was never low in iron ( I was always in the middle range). I was supplementing only with b12 and d at the time.

  8. It's b12. There is no natural plant source for it.

  9. I was very low in iron while vegetarian but back to normal when not eating dairy.

  10. I've been a vegan for 26 years. For the past five years I eat fish and eggs ~1x/wk. I was low in iron, but have since learned it was due to GCH1 and NOS3 SNPs, causing my body to use up iron and Vitamin C to try to make enough nitric oxide.

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