Having baths is making the flares worse


Due to my chronic bladder infection, having baths is making the flares worse. I have all the mag chloride flakes, Epsom salts, bentonite clay, hymalayian salts and bicarb of soda a girl could ask for….my question is would a foot bath do the same job? I’m trying to detox as much as possible due to a possible fluroquinolone poisoning :/ any suggestions welcome! X

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  1. Absolutely yes for footbaths. They work well for many.

  2. Foot baths work-and always drink extra water I've found this helpful too.

  3. I am brand new to this page, as well as to figuring how to get started. I have cystitis and cannot take baths at all, especially with anything added. I was wondering if foot baths would work, too. Thank you for the info!

  4. Foot baths are just as good. Use 1/2 the ingredients of a full bath

  5. If you have chronic bladder infections maybe you have problems with oxalates. I had UTIs for months and they disappeared after going low ox. Go to the Trying Low Oxalates fb group to get the food list and read some of the threads on bladder infections. Many of us have urinary/kidney/bladder problems. Good luck!

  6. Also make sure you are cleaning your tub/shower with organic or homemade cleaners to avoid harsh chemicals. You can also get a filter ball that hangs from your tub spout to filter your tub water.

  7. There are several good floxie groups if you want to join as well. I have the same issue btw! D-mannose has really helped ️

  8. Get D-Mannose for the bladder…..

  9. Wss^ it's the good stuff in cranberry juice.. have you had an u/s on your kidneys?

  10. D-mannose works really well for uti's. 1/2 tsp every 3 hours.

  11. apple cider daily and cranberry caplets when symptomatic is what cleared up my chronic bladder infections.

  12. Thank you everyone. Unfortunately dmannose only works for ecoli and I have a super bug called klebsiella and another called Enteroccocus. I contracted these from giving birth 3 years ago 🙁 all the antibiotics have completely ruined me though now 🙁

  13. I only have showers in my home and so foot baths are my only option, but they work well for me. I aim for 2-3 per week, but would do more if my RBC mag was low.

  14. I have a chronic burning irritated bladder and the baths will probably irritate my erm…garden. I am going to buy a pair of swimming pants for people with incontinence. Hopefully they will keep things dry and and away from the water. 🙂

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