Having digestive issues for a long time


Okay searching for my parents. My mom has been having digestive issues for a long time. Went and saw a MD out on antibiotics. Then saw a ND and started having some relief but it’s not killing the issues. I believe she has a diverticulitis issue. Or some sort of bacteria. My dad has also complained of stomach issues.

Things tried-
Silver- molecular &colloidal
I just told them to start taking magnesium. Anyone have any other ideas? Maybe enzymes?

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  1. Kefir milk or kefir water

  2. They are taking probiotics.. Is kefir milk better?

  3. get the recommended testing done.

  4. They have.. MDs and Nds she has taken antibiotics and then it removed all the gut flora making things worse.

  5. Has your Mom been tested for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) ? I have had stomach issues for years that nobody could help with. Finally found out I have SIBO and at least have protocols to try to heal. A good Naturopath should be able to order a breath test for this. It is not life threatening but is is not easy to get rid of. Let me know if you have any further questions. More info can be found at: http://www.sibocenter.com

  6. What was your treatment for it Marcie?

  7. bone broth . If you start HCL w/pepsin be careful – it shoudl only be taking with meals containing protein

  8. Please, the ND should take the guesswork out of it and order one of these. It's worth every penny to get an accurate diagnosis and then be treated for her problems correctly, rather than just treating her symptoms and guessing. https://www.doctorsdata.com/comprehensive-stool-analysis/

  9. I am taking the Herbal Antibiotic route. You should be able to see this protocol on the sibo center website. Stool Analysis is also excellent way to go but it will not measure methane and hydrogen levels in the small intestine. They should do both of these tests.I seriously suffered for years until my ND decided to check for this.

  10. Gapsdiet.com

  11. Homemade Kefir is much better than store bought fermented foods as well, such as homemade krauts. Bone broth is excellent, digestive enzymes are good to start as well. No grains no sugar no processed foods.

  12. Same here as your mom – tried all that you listed plus cleanses etc. – keep getting told to try diff probiotics etc.
    Please look at Triphala – just rec'd it and can tell a difference already. Look at the Amazon reviews – quite impressive.

  13. Nancy Dykes Cantrell

  14. I like
    Prebiotic Plus: Resistant Starch Powder. All Natural Complex with Raw Potato Starch, Green Banana Flour and Inulin-FOS. Enhances Digestion, Metabolism
    Sold by: Natural Stacks

  15. Eat lots of papaya

  16. I urge you to have them get tested. While all these suggestions are good some would really be bad choices if it were SIBO.

  17. What is her diet like? She might be continually eating things that are just not good for her personally, even if they're "organic whole foods." And, of course, if she's regularly eating any junk foods or synthetic additives, that should be stopped too.

  18. Go Paleo. It can only help ANY digestive issues.

  19. Super Enzymes and HCL pepsin with each meal plus Beet Flow. Berber cap. Pro-prebiotic blend. Raw fermented sauerkraut. L-Glutamine. Collagen protein gelatin. Some different ideas to research. Raw apple cider vinegar.

  20. When you took probiotics was it kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and apple cider vinegar? drink lots of water and take mag chloride transdermally

  21. Enzymes helped me with my stomach issues. Digestive enzymes.

  22. Ask ur mother and father to avoid wheat.Gluten in wheat causes alot of problems.

  23. A good probiotic like Bio-K Plus will work well, it is the only probiotic clinically tested on the finished product in a hospital setting,. clinically tested by the gastroenterology assoc. and written up in their journal. It is used in a number of hospitals in Quebec and Ontario. Yoghurt is not a probiotic as it is not guaranteed. fermented veggies etc are probiotics, but more usable for maintenance. For issues like IBS, Crohn's acid reflux a good probiotic can work wonderfully.

  24. Has she been tested for h pylori?

  25. Don't throw spaghetti (supplements, diets, etc.) at the wall to see what sticks — please have the proper testing done first. A regular stool kit that a traditional doctor will suggest is extremely inadequate, which is why I suggested the testing above. It not only finds what organisms (including yeast) are present/not present/imbalanced, but also will have recommendations for both traditional treatment and naturopathic treatment. My own results went a long way in explaining how horribly ill I was.

  26. I agree with Lauri. Get a stool test and a breath test. SIBO? Candida? parasites? other gut bugs? do an elimination diet for at least 3-5 weeks, then treat the issue. Stay off of inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy for a long time, maybe for good. Stay GMO forever. It's all about removing the offenders, diagnosing and treating the germs, repopulating with good microbes (prebiotics and probiotics), then maintaining a diet that will avoid causing the problems you just experienced.

  27. Okay thank you everyone! Very appreciated

  28. I was told by a physician that diverticulitis is just a part of aging (I am 59)…he told me to stay away from big seeds (watermelon).. Little seeds OK..like preserves

  29. Yes, I have tried a lot of things myself, what realy worked in the end some very basic cleanses: is to focus on the liver, because when the liver is clogged up a lot of intestinal things derail. Try a liver cleanse with mag sulfate (ebsom salt), try coffee enema, these two helped massively, make your own probiotics such as with Kombucha, I would recommend mag chloride oil, which you put on your skin, if you take mag oraly it will have an impact on your gut, and yes the intestinal flora, candida, bugs etc, good advice to read Dr Hulda Clark books, it explains it all and you can easly take a remedy that can solve this problem also, if the first two cleanses do not work.

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