Having heart palpitations on and off for months.


I’ve been having heart palpitations on and off for months. It’s bothering me. My doctor said caffeine but I drink one coffee cup…
not nearly enough to cause palpitations. My numbers are “in range”…anyone else dealing with these?

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  1. Every time I increase my dosage, the first side effect is heart palpitations followed by getting my period every two weeks

  2. It happens to me! I have pretty bad anxiety so I also figure it's just that. Sometimes I genuinely worry I'm having a heart attack!

  3. What meds are u taking ?

  4. I deal with palpitations also.

  5. I have had an ultrasound for a heart murmur and it showed I have mitral valve prolapse. I always attributed my palpitations to that, but now that u mention it, possibly connected to my hashimotos. I am unmedicated with off the charts tpo. Feel ok so don't really worry to much about it. But after watching these posts I am thinking I might need to rethink everything.

  6. I was diagnosed with SVT several years ago after several episodes of erratic heart rate. Mine can jump back & forth from 30-250, anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, then I feel exhausted. I'm on metoprolol twice a day now.

  7. Yes, had my levo lowered by 13 mcg and I feel a ton better.

  8. Try a magnesium supplement or Epsom salt bath. I started taking a supplement and it helped with the palpitations.

  9. Hashimotos has symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroid. I get episodes of tachycardia that last a week or two. My GP (not a functional doc – I've seen too and have no confidence in either…) said I could double my beta blocker and alternate my levo dose. I realized that I can't take iodine – it jacks my T3 way too high. So consider if you are taking something that triggers a conversion of T4 to T3 because it might not be a bad idea not to take that stuff.

  10. Yes!! It was scary! I would go through periods of extreme fatigue and pretty much living on coffee and then all the sudden I would get the heart palpitations and it would get worse with any coffee at all! I started seeing a naturopathic doctor and she put me on a very low dose of naturethroid. I've been taking it for a month and I haven't had any of the extreme symptoms. I'm actually starting to feel normal again!

  11. Certain food additives can trigger heart palpitations too. Have a look at fedup.com.au for some more info.

  12. i was. it was the metformin i was also taking.

  13. Too much synthroid for me. I lowered on my own, told my endo, so I will have to see numbers in March. Feel great now.

  14. Are you on any thyroid medicine?

  15. Could be as simple as low vitamin d. 80% of Americans are low. I found out I was because of heart palpitations.

  16. Most people with Lyme have Hashis. Many with Lyme have bartonella, a coinfection, that can cause palpitations, skipped beats, irregular heart beats, tachycardia A fib. Lots of heart stuff.

  17. I have Lyme too. What's the best way to get your vit d up other than supplements.

  18. Yes,me too! Today i had terrible feeling and hard to breath,i more feel like pain and i can't sleep i was so nervous whole day.I take my daily medicine for heart.

  19. how about sugar levels? I am dealing to increase my sugar level or else i get more sick,like fatigue,coldness feeling…i almost always feel cold. 🙁 And i suffer from severe insomnia. 🙁

  20. Is it normal to lose too much of hair? i get more and more worse signs. 🙁

  21. I get them all the time

  22. Yes I get them on and off and it drives me crazy

  23. Hi! Can you start a food journal to find a connection? This was one key for me and I find this helpful working with others. Magnesium taurate is also helpful for this. These are both surface treatments or training wheels to help while you work toward healing, adrenals especially.

  24. Could be food intolerances to

  25. I get palpitations when my numbers drop. I do have a heart murmur

  26. Ariel, make sure you take Magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can cause heart palpitations. Do some research on it.

  27. I think it's low iron

  28. I have recently found when my magnesium, potassium, sodium is out of whack, I do get more palpitations. I had been suffering from them and found that having the occasional banana has helped!

  29. My last metabolic panel of this helps anyone

  30. Guessing as to why the heart is beating irregularly should be diagnosed by a cardiologist. The damage to the heart muscle is real, and should be diagnosed by a heart specialist.

  31. My palpitations were from levothyroxine dosage being a little too high.

  32. I've had them often on for years and years and years ever since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

  33. Always have for like 30 plus year

  34. Mine was due to too much T3 in my thyroid meds.

  35. 1 coffee gives me palpitations, so stopped it.

  36. Your low in magnesium that magnesium makes you sleepy so take it at night time.

  37. You will never know if you have become more sensitive to caffeine if you refuse to listen to your doctor and at least try. You need to stop the caffeine intake completely for 2 weeks. If you feel the same at the end of the 2 weeks, it's not the one cup of coffee. But if you feel better, than BAM! You have found your problem.

  38. I had palpitations ended up in the ER a couple of times with high heart rate and high blood pressurye , ended up on a halter monitor for a whole week. it's all down to hormones, now have to take medication to keep the heart rate under control. Bonus, it also prevents my migraines!

  39. I just recently dealt with palpitations from a dosage change in my NDT. I went into hyper thyroid with my T3 levels being higher than they've ever been. I did some research and found that dramatic increases or decreases in T3 can often be the culprit of heart palpitations. There were no other symptoms, as I did wear a heart monitor for a week and checked my blood pressure, heart rate, and O2 levels regularly. I lowered my dosage and just waited for my levels to even out and the palpitations have subsided considerably.

  40. I used to get that all the time, and for me it got worse with coffee…not the caffeine, because I could still drink tea…but the chemical make up of coffee was not good for me. I've been free of most grains for 5 months, and my body is absorbing vitamins and nutrients again, and my antibodies have dropped. I can now drink coffee every day with none of those problems.

  41. It happened to me when my Levo was to high went to the e.r twice said it was anxiety till they re did a full panel lab test and realized I was in thyroid storm

  42. Yes, I've been feeling them more and more, I'm getting a heart monitor put on on Wednesday, I'll wear it for two weeks and then they'll send it to be analyzed and I'll figure out what it found in January.

  43. Can't touch caffeine myself. It works against my thyroid and I always experience a racing heart. Check your meds are not too high and check your body pills are iodine free, as this add to the problem

  44. Vit pills

  45. I drink two sometimes three cups a day and have heart flutters quite often. Sometimes when I roll on my side in bed they are so bad I have to move. Sucks

  46. I was getting alot of heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat and chest pain due to my ferritin levels being extremely low. Turns out I also have iron deficiency anemia.

  47. I have hashimotos and had heart palpitations for a year before I was diagnosed.
    It has to do with what you are eating/drinking that is triggering the palpitations. You won't know until you go on an autoimmune protocol diet which eliminates likely triggers, and you can get a food sensitivities test done. I stopped eating sugar, wheat/gluten/grains, diary, alcohol, caffeine and other foods that I'm sensitive to and my palpitations stopped.

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