Having palpitations… (mostly at night)


Having palpitations… mostly at night. Possible causes? Feels like my heart is beating so hard and sometimes skipping a beat.

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  1. Omg…. can we act like mature adults here? I ask this respectfully. CHILL.

  2. The OP asked for "possible causes" of her heart palps. Most of us in the group know that doctors don't recognize adrenal fatigue or bother looking into hormone issues or even do the proper testing for magnesium and other mineral imbalances. That's why we're here – to share the information our doctors deny us.

  3. mine happens at night, it wakes me up, I take atenolol, but after trying everything , since I don't have gluten and MSG its alot better, also annatto makes my heart going crazy, also if you wake up with the palpitations it could be sleep apnea, doctors never told me it could be related to the food, because sometimes it happened after dinner, it all depends on what I eat, I have to be very careful , I hope you get better it is a horrible experience

  4. Elfie, it sounds like you have a good relationship with your doctor. You are lucky. A lot of us have had bad experiences with the medical industry and struggle to get the tests we want. Doctors, in my experience, are arrogant and only know how to treat symptoms instead of getting to the root cause – most often mineral imbalances. The founder of this group says MD stands for "Mineral Denialist" 🙂

  5. I had an EKG in May and it was normal. About five years ago, I had an echo, a stress test, and a nuclear stress test and all was fine.

  6. I have bad anxiety, am low on mag, b1, b2, b6, iron, d, and vit c, have stage 2 adrenal fatigue, and have high estrogen/low progesterone.

  7. I am taking mag glycinate and malate and using mag a hol daily.

  8. Valerie, your story is similar to mine. Since my 3 trips to ER for palps I did all the heart tests too and all was fine. Doctors were useless so I saw a naturopath and did complete hormone testing. I started taking bioidentical progesterone about 2 months ago and it's been a life saver. I sleep better, my periods are lighter and the anxiety has gone. I know it's not ideal to be ingesting hormones but my adrenals need the break and I was a mess – it was affecting my family, my work and my sanity. I fee like I'm 90% back to the old me. I hope you find something that helps you too 🙂

  9. Thank you. My naturopath gave me progesterone and I have been horrible about taking it.

  10. My naturopath said it would take 3 months for things to settle on the progesterone but I was lucky to get positive results straight away. I take the oral form Utrogestan 100mg (also called Prometrium). I'm working on balancing my minerals now and maybe I can taper off the progesterone at some stage in the future – but right now I'm enjoying feeling good.

  11. I sometimes get that at night after taking powdered magnesium. Thinking it's adrenal-related and plan to try the cocktail.

  12. Good job rising above Michelle! Everyone is forewarned when they joined this group that this is not medical advice. This group does not take the place of medical care… No one is performing heart surgery here, just offering up personal accounts of what works for them or what doesn't etc. It's like when you ask a friend a health question, only this group reaches more people. If no one inquired for advice and no one gave advice there would be no group. I think some people need to realize that if a thread doesn't pertain to you then scroll on!

  13. I've been taking HRT for the last 18 months, and just stopped. I'm starting the progesterone cream. Michelle, don't know if your in menopause, but if so, did the cream stop the hot flashes?

  14. Same thing happened to me fairly often at the worst point of my health with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, copper toxicity, mineral imbalances, etc. I went to the Dr while it was happening one day (of course the Drs had never diagnosed me with ANY problems, so I had stopped going). But this time, I was really scared. At the same time, my muscles were so weak that I could hardly stand up. So I was extremely worried about my heart Muscle!…nothing showed up in any tests, and they just tried to prescribe anti-depressants to me because I was crying because I was so weak and scared (I refused them). Within a couple weeks, I found a nutritionist that put me on Dr L Wilson's nutritional balancing program, and I stopped having them soon thereafter, and hasn't happened since. 10 months later, I am SO much better with prognosis of full recovery within a year. Still don't know what the program fixed that stopped this problem, but glad it stopped!!!

  15. I had palpitations 2 wks as go. Flutters it felt like. Quite a few.was scary. I had taken my mag and ate dinner. My hubby put alot of soy sauce in the noodle dish he made. This happened right after dinner. I go ogled and what causes chest flutters and it could be caused by caffeine and stress. Minerals or perimenopause. Just ideas.

  16. Go to the doc. This is a Facebook group. Medical advice can not be dispensed reliably in this media. You need some lab work & an ekg.

  17. Have your thyroid tested.

  18. I had palps 5 years before discovering mag glycinate. They stopped except when I am dehydrated or have a lot of caffeine.

  19. Got to the doctor to check for a-fib

  20. I wrote above that I had an EKG in may. I do go to the doctor, people! The doctor tells me it is anxiety. Are we simply to accept what the doctors tell us without questioning? What is the purpose of this group? I'm not looking for medical advice. I'm looking for possible reasons for palpitations.

  21. I also had extensive blood work a couple of months ago. I'm looking for here what the doctors don't learn in med school.

  22. I have hypothyroidism as well.

  23. hypothyroid cause palpitation.

  24. Even if it's being treated, Sigil Sam? I get my numbers checked every three months and they seem okay. Still possible?

  25. yes even if its being treated. drug just control most symptoms not all, especially cardiac symptoms.

  26. What can I do if it is that?

  27. Stephanie, the same SCARY thing happened to me a few years ago with take-out Chinese sauces — betcha it was the MSG! I keep Moly-B with me wherever I go; it counteracts MSG allergies/reactions 🙂

  28. Here's a few things that trigger mine: indigestion, anxiety, dehydration, exhaustion, and hormones. My experience has been that there is no quick and easy fix. I've been able to reduce mine thru diet and trying to stay anxiety free but have not been able to eliminate them. It's a puzzle I can't solve. Hope yours get better tho.

  29. Valerie Cimino Domenech There is a medical group on FB if I can find them I will forward your question to them and may be they can offer suggestion.

  30. For the EKG to be helpful, it has to catch an occur acne of what's happening. Good to hear that you also had an Echo that came out good. Sounds to me like a combo of your hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, and mineral shortage. Dehydration can also contribute. I have found the Celtic salt in my water(& lots of it) to be very helpful there. You might also look into the iodine protocol on the Fb group, Iodine. I do have adrenal & thyroid issues and just lived with my palps for a long time with no medical coverage. Now have Medicare & ended up in full-blown A-fib. (Before I found this group). Echo revealed long-standing valve issues, but I think I had pushed it to a-fib taking high-dose D before I knew better. Refused meds, researched and increased mag and added grams of taurine (which helps mineral balance & stopped the a-fib) and arginine, which works with it. So you might want to try adding taurine & arginine also.

  31. I was having this problem also. I cut out caffeine. Started being faithful to real food diet, taking natural calm at bedtime and feeling so much better

  32. Are you pregnant? Like 2/3rd trimester, not just recently pregnant. I've been having heart racing and palpation too… and I realized it's a common pregnancy symptoms because you have so much more blood volume and your blood supply is all going to the middle, your heart is working REALLY hard when laying down to move all that volume around. I was blaming it on something I ate, etc.. but over a week or two I realized, there was no pattern except simply laying down.

  33. Dr. Ray Sahelian online has a good article about palpitations. Did you know that getting enough fluids cause palpitations? Apparently according to Dr. Sahelian this is one of them most common causes of palpitations. In Traditional Chinese Medicine palpitations may be a sign of Heart Yin or Heart blood deficiency. There are good TCM formulas for this disorder. Also common in menopause due to hormonal changes. Namaste.

  34. i had the same thing, only at night i had every heart test.. all said i was fine i increased my mag and it stopped

  35. i also take chlorelphyll

  36. Come to think of it, I don't think I'm drinking enough water. Could it be that simple?

  37. Absolutely! Not sure if mentioned but u want half yur body weight in oz

  38. Then I'm really not getting enough… lol

  39. Martha Lucking, I'm not pregnant.

  40. I get them frequently with caffeine use and dehydration. (Caffeine contributed to the dehydration.)

  41. So… if the palpitations are from not getting enough water, how much water would it take to relieve them?

  42. High estrogen and low progesterone probably means you are estrogen dominant. I suggest take your progesterone. My triggers are sugar and caffeine.

  43. I am estrogen dominant. I do have to start taking my progesterone.

  44. Valerie Cimino Domenech, how much water it will take is highly individual. I do strongly recommend adding some good salt to it, as I stated above, as it helps it get in cells not just go straight thru. 🙂

  45. Progesterome, potassium, and magnesium.

  46. I just had a normal EKG and am about to get a cat scan.

  47. Ct scan was normal, but they still want me seen by a cardiologist on Monday!

  48. I just started taking magnesium taurate and my palps are disappearing! 🙂

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