He doesn’t feel bad when he eats anything.


Question: my son which is 16 has been on thyroid medication for a few years and we had to change Doctors, this Dr checked his iron levels and found out it was low. He then thought about checking for celiac and one of the four test came back positive. He doesn’t feel bad when he eats anything. Right now we are waiting to see a Gastroenterologist next month to see what he says. Has anyone ever had a false positive?

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  1. Off the subject of your question but important to point out….if he is taking iron supplements he needs to take them a few hours apart from his thyroid meds. Iron inhibits the absorption.

  2. From my research, blood tests can definitely present false negative and false positives. Biopsy is what the GI may recommend.

  3. I am anemic and I only had one of my four test positive. My biopsy indicated white blood cells at the duodenal opening plus I had an enlarged spleen

  4. I am coeliac and also have thyroid problems

  5. If he has hashimotos the antibodies can come back positive from inflammation. Thyroid patience find going gf helps tremendously with how they feel and how they absorb their medications

  6. Asymptomatic celiac is a very real thing. That might be what he has. And for the tests to be accurate, you need to be eating gluten. So technically there can be false positives with the right variables.

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