He doesn’t get uncomfortable after eating gluten


My son was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. He doesn’t get uncomfortable after eating gluten but he is losing blood internally. We are going to be going gluten free after his endoscopy. I guess my question is, is it okay for him to have some gluten once in a while? Will it harm him if there is some cross contamination at restaurants or parties?

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  1. No. Once Celiac it is a lifetime of gluten free. Unfortunately cross contamination is a concern for all of us. And yes small amounts of cross contamination can hurt him internally

  2. No, unfortunately he can never have gluten again. If you continue to eat gluten you risk getting other autoimmune diseases and the possibility of stomach cancers.

  3. Although he may not have an external symptoms, he is increasing his risk of cancer, other auto immune diseases, and more internal damage, when he ingests gluten.

  4. No. One day he will get super sick and regret it

  5. Celiac.org\n\nI suggest you read up on celiac disease, it’s a very serious autoimmune disease

  6. NO. Huge no no. He must adhere to a strict 100% gluten free lifestyle for life. It’s very livable. This is a great place for info!

  7. Any gluten will damage the villi in the intestines, which will prevent him from getting nutrients from food.

  8. Welcome, sorry for the bad news

  9. No. 100% gluten free 100% of the time.

  10. I just posted on same subject. I cheated for years cuz I was not told about the damage it did now I live with several other auto immune diseases,liver disease, chronic pain and over all unhealthy. We do however go to restaurants with gf menus that have been proven to be safe, and we keep checking on our blood levels regularly to make sure my daughter is not doing anything damage but she is also very sensitive so we usually know when cross contamination happens

  11. I think the answer for your son lays in the blood on loss. I mean obviously that’s not good, it’s not like a headache its internal blood loss

  12. How old is he? My son is 12 and was diagnosed 2 weeks ago.

  13. Not even a crumb lol noooo

  14. Where’s the blood loss coming from?

  15. Thank you everyone! I appreciate the help.

  16. Sure ! I do

  17. Sending hugs. This must be hard for you. This group is nursing me along this journey and they will you too

  18. It’s can be difficult transitioning kids to gluten free diet (we went through it when my son was 5) but what I did that helped is ALWAYS have GF alternatives on hand. I have three boys and only one is celiac, may sound mean to some but I won’t let my other kids have something if I don’t have a GF alternative on hand for my celiac so he doesn’t feel left out or tempted. Also helps if you make him in tune with how he feels when glutened and how he feels without gluten, talk to him about it! For instance, my son knows that if he has gluten he will be miserable and remembers that feeling very well so he is generally not even tempted to eat the things he used to love. How old is your son?

  19. Yes it would make a difference.

  20. Celiacs must be 100% gluten free regardless of the symptoms. Despite it not being an allergy, the easiest way to approach food and exposure is treat it like a severe peanut allergy. Zero exposure, zero cross contamination. You can never be “a little bit celiac”. Reactions will vary from person to person but the disease is the same for everyone.

  21. Feel free to message if you need anything

  22. No, no , no!!!

  23. No not ok

  24. He has to be 100% gluten free.

  25. I get gastrointestinal bleeding from cross-contamination, as a result, I get blood in my stool, not fun! I also experience the usual symptoms, stomach pains, lower abdominal pains, bloating, nausea, headaches, extreme tiredness, diarrhea, or having to go #2, It’s not always diarrhea, but usually loose stool.

  26. He has to be 100% gluten free, this includes no cross-contamination and possible cross-contamination.

  27. Dr. Joseph Murray of mayo clinic said it takes a minuscule amount less than 1/8 of a teaspoon to cause damage

  28. Omg no way stay away totally from gluten.

  29. No. No gluten at all. It will cause harm.

  30. My sons dr told us the whole family should go gluten free to keep him safe

  31. For my twin girls, I started the GF lifestyle straight at recovery. Go through your pantry and double check what’s go it or not. You can’t have a drop of gluten as it damages the gut.
    As for parties and going out, I always take extra food and muffin as for their dessert or birthday cake. As for going out, ring ahead and ask their cater and double check the fryer doesn’t also fry gluten food eg french Fries. I would google reviews to see what’s the best places to go out to for GF. It does get easier with time.

  32. Absolutely NOT

  33. This is brutally blunt …..NO unless you want to shorten his life’s expectancy! Sorry but true

  34. Omg he is losing blood internally?! That poor baby. I think you should stay clear of anything that could cause that.

  35. ?Oh my, this is more than alarming. I hope his scope is scheduled asap. No… he may NEVER have a little bit of gluten. Not ever. Celiac is serious, as it damages the microvilli & causes malabsorption and an autoimmune type response. Visualize shards of glass penetrating & shredding the small intestine. A leaky gut has to be healed and in order to do so, you must make certain he is GF. You can’t even touch gluten bread, then touch his food without washing your hands ? This is what the protein found in gluten does when that person can not break the gluten down during the digestion process. The scary thing is that your immune system depends heavily upon a healthy gut. Brain functioning relies on good gut health too. Gluten causes a ton of issues, he will need to remain gluten free for life. Check out all things gluten containing getting busted by my Celiac Disease Service Dog, click ?on the hashtag ???#celiacwontholdmeback

    gluten free dog

  36. My daughter slipped up on Saturday and last night started to be in huge pain again. She hasn’t had an ounce of pain since she went gluten free

  37. I’m just starting this process. Just had blood test last week. Had bad case of ecoli back in Jan. Dr said I may have been predisposed to celiac. Ever since then been anemic, now being tested for celiac small internal bleed somewhere. So do I understand celiac can cause the small internal bleed?

  38. Think of the reaction as an on/off reaction. No gluten = off. Any gluten, even a crumb, or a tiny bit of cross contamination = on. There is no such thing as “just a little bit” with CD.

  39. I’ve been cc four times since August. The first three gave me stomach pains for several hours and then I vomited and felt better. The last time gave me stomach pains for three days, a headache, and dry heaves over and over. It was horrible!

  40. Whether you have a quick and severe reaction or no reaction or somewhere in-between when you eat gluten, if you have celiac you are doing damage to your intestines and you have a higher possibility of things like intestinal cancer. It is very difficult for people with few to no symptoms not to cheat, but they are still causing damage and there may be symptoms that they don’t realize they are affecting, such as stunted growth, migraines, anemia, etc. Sorry!

  41. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but gluten is causing him to bleed internally. You should treat it like poison in my opinion. A little bit of poison every once in a while is still bad.

  42. Cross contamination is such a factor I’m a celiac and a mom of a celiac I am a firm believer everyone goes gluten free one child’s goldfish fingers reaching in a bag of gluten free chips or thousands of other examples. My other children may have gluten out of the house or regular sandwich bread or cereal made in the garage ate at the table and immediately washed down. The inside fridge pantry only gluten free. It’s spendy to dump and start fresh but before you know it it’s just life 🙂

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