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Is it possible for a “healing crisis” to cause my thyroid to enlarge? I’ve had hypothyroid symptoms for years, but never a diagnosis due to a doc who only tests TSH. I recently stopped taking adderall (for narcolepsy), started supplementing magnesium, replaced table salt with HPS, and started drinking kefir, kombucha and bone broth. I feel better but now my thyroid is protruding slightly. I’m confused.

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  1. Iodine or foods containing iodine would help.

  2. Do you think it happened because I stopped using iodized salt? I wondered if that was it.

  3. Should you not have a thyroid scan. I had a low TSH, had a scan and they found a hot nodule. But I don't feel hyper, I feel hypo. I need get antibodies tested. I am wondering if nodules are common with an autoimmune.
    Stop The Thyroid Madness has a great website…ordered two books from them. Read one today, lots of info but I still have many questions.

  4. I have every hypo symptom there is…..even things I never saw as a symptom.. Like shriveled fingers when they haven't been in water…

  5. It's frustrating Jennifer Frank, I just checked TSH results from back in 2012 & I was over the high range & nothing was said to me by the DR. & these lab ranges are way to high to begin with……still at top range of lab range… 🙁

  6. I just don't trust doc AT ALL anymore. I'm trying be my own healer these days.

  7. Jennifer you need a new dr. sttm site has link to find you a good one. endo are the worst.

  8. Lol. Looks like we just got an ND a few counties over, but not sure my ins would cover an ND. I know the best docs around here because I'm from a family of docs and nurses. They just seem to all be so indoctrinated…..

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