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So I first read about post natal depletion here so I thought this would be a great place to ask this question. I am pregnant with my 4th child. I’m super healthy and feeling awesome. But I’ve heard about the health benefits of consuming the placenta. Do you really think it is as great as they say it is?

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  1. My doula encapsulated my placenta after my first son, to be honest I didn't feel noticeably different when taking it. But maybe that's them working? I didn't experience PPD or mood swings. Others have had more profound experiences, though. I did save the pills and will take them again (currently pregnant and don't plan to pay to have it done again). If nothing else, it doesn't hurt and if it helps with regulating hormones then great.

  2. Ur placenta did exactly what it should have congrats.. Maybe reconsider it seems to have worked the last time… Ppd is nothing to play around with and if it can be prevented and keep u off pharmaceutical drugs after baby especially if breastfeeding is something mom is determined to do.. Those drugs are not good for baby at all…

  3. I take placenta.. it helps me somewhat. Not for moods or anything. It just perk me up lil bit.. like I need the minerals out of that. I will do it again if God is willing let me have another one. But first I need to fix my minerals before have more kids…. but placenta helps me to make more milk!

  4. I'm also pregnant and plan on encapsulating mine! Can't hurt.

  5. I agree, the placenta is very good for you. Read it on google, lots of benefits.

  6. I encapsulated mine twice and both times I ended up feeling more depressed after taking a dose and felt fine when I didn't take them. However, aside from ppd there are way more benefits such as helping your milk come in. I wish I could take it without feeling funny. I think it's a great thing to try despite it not working for me.

  7. Any recommendations on honest companies to go through. Have wanted to do this except how do you actually know it's your placenta your getting back? My biggest worry lol

  8. I had ppd with my first. I encapsulated with my next two and didn't have ppd. Could be coincidence but I felt good while taking it. Helped with iron levels (I didn't take the iron they gave me at the hospital). Mine was done while I was still recovering at the hospital (picked up within hours and brought back the next day). The person who did it made me a smoothie right in my room before leaving to encapsulate it and brought another smoothie when she dropped off. She also made some awesome truffles with some of the dehydrated placenta. Maybe the chocolate helped too 🙂

  9. Jessica CloseRachubau have take ur placenta with u.. u have to get ur own zip lock bag. Ur hubby hold the bag and my doc put in the bag.

  10. Who is this person you speak of Eden Landan, is she in MI? Haha

  11. Yes but the company you send it to to be dehydrated. … how do you know it's done right or your get yours back?

  12. The person came over to my house. They did everything in my house

  13. How do you find someone who does that? Lol

  14. Hogwash, I did it and had severe anemia post part in depression delayed milk production bla bla

  15. Jessica Close Rachuba I just learn from words of mouth . Then I found out that the person who does placenta is my ob nurse! I was very lucky…

  16. I was in NW for both but you can do a search for placenta encapsulation for your area and check recommendations and testimonials. The first time, the nurse bagged and put in our cooler with ice and gave to my husband (who drove straight home to put in freezer). The second time, the nurse bagged and put in the refrigerator until the encapsulator picked it up. Basically, you don't want it to leave your side (I felt comfortable with the second) because you don't want it to go to pathology (they treat it with formaldehyde). Where in MI are you? I can try asking a placenta fb group I'm in.

  17. Could the differences in experiences be due to various mineral imbalances in different people? Very curious. Like how pastured beef is far more nutritious than cafo beef.

  18. I got it the first time…not the second. With my second bub I was under a natropath/Chiro and as soon as my hormones went out of wack he gave me suppliments to balance them. It's related to hormones in my experience.

  19. I was listening to a webinar about hormones last year. They said it normally takes 2 years for your adrenals to recover after a pregnancy and birth. Taking placenta capsules halves the amount. They also said you can use the placenta capsules when in the perimenopause stage as well (if you don't use them all up after birth). Another thing you can do is get a homeopathic remedy made out of the placenta to help with bub. You only need a small piece.

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