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What do you think is the healthiest oil for cooking, barring the use of coconut oil? (I love coconut, but I’m allergic!)

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  1. grassfed tallow, lard, butter.

  2. avocado, olive

  3. Red palm oil.

  4. I love my Ghee!!

  5. I use avocado oil and it good for high Temps. And grass fed butter. I use olive oil only for salads when it's not heated

  6. I use tallow and avocado oil

  7. Duck fat is one of the best. Ghee is also a good choice

  8. I love avocado oil. No taste so you can use it for everything, safe to fry stuff in it, etc. I get my bottle at Costco.

  9. For me I like and do well with extra light olive oil- Walmart brand is my actual favorite lol.

  10. I like avocado oil

  11. avocado. all other oils are either rancid once heated (as in the case with olive oil) or junk oils as is the case with vegetable oils

  12. Rice bran Oil.
    My integrative Dr Recommended This.

  13. someone was using clarified bacon grease sounds delish…

  14. I use homemade ghee and avocado oil.

  15. Avocado!

  16. Avocado for higher temps and olive for lower temps and salads. Olive has to be well sourced though.

  17. Avocado or ghee

  18. Avocado by far. It can get to 500 degrees before changing chemically. It's awesome. I use it for baking, frying, sautéing. Everything. Anything that calls for butter or oil I use it for. I even use it in my massage practice! ️

  19. Is it a mct?

  20. Ghee (organic) I can buy fairly easily and reasonably priced so that, and when I get around to clarifying suet, tallow (from grass fed, organic, pastured animals). I used to use rice bran oil but I don't think it's as good as its made out to be and cannot find an organic source. I don't use coconut either for cooking but because it smells and tastes like vomit to me when its heated

  21. Grapeseed oil or olive oil.

  22. A good organic ghee…Most oils change so much when heat is applied…these changes are problematic to our health. Otherwise, no oil is a real option too (although it is a bit of an adjustment). 🙂

  23. I used avocado until I found out that it was actually triggering an immunoglobulin response. So I'd make sure there's no allergy there before trying it.

  24. home made butter

  25. Avocado is high heat and is almost tasteless

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