Heart palpitations when taking magnesium?


Does anyone get heart palpitations when taking magnesium? I do everytime, but I’m low so I need it. Driving me nuts!!!

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  1. Yes!! When I eat a decent meal with it, it's much better though.

  2. The adrenal Cocktail is part of the protocol to balance electrolytes.

  3. What type of Magnesium are you taking and how much?

  4. Adrenal cocktail is crucial for combating heart palps. If I back down to one adrenal cocktail for a while they are coming back.

  5. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and D have to be balanced !

  6. I have trouble absorbing vitamins, although I take them daily. Dr says it's a gut issue. My ferritin is in the danger zone. Maybe that's the issue then. They aren't balanced so having negative effects on me.

  7. Start on the Adrenal Cocktail for a week or two. Need to get your adrenals bumped up so they can aid in metabolizing mag.

  8. I have a question about rhis issue as well. I mean, does it really need to be an adrenal cocktail and 2 times per day? If we have a balanced diet, with lots of fresh organic fruit and healthy veggies, do we really need the cocktail? I'm always scared that I get too much vitamin C in my diet, and also potassium, since I am also on a beta blocker and that can get to hyperkalemia if not paying enough attention. We have such busy lives that it's almost impossible to keep up with a protocol, especially for those with a 9-5 job, kids to raise, sick relatives etc.

  9. I think that you may need to build your adrenals first. The first time that I took mag, I thought that I was dying. Seriously! It must have tanked my bp.

  10. Potassium. Coconut water helps me.

  11. How interesting ! I take magnesium to prevent heart palpitations from happening

  12. I also get heart palps from mag and I've tried various types. I just thought I'd mention that, though I haven't tried it, I did read in this group that even starting with a drop of mag oil on one's toe is a way to build up. And I had tried just holding MOM under my tongue. That was even too much for me, but wanted to pass the info on.

  13. I do unless I take orange juice 🙂

  14. Have you ever had magnesium by iv? Do your legs cramp when your magnesium is low?

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