Heartburn medicine and celiac disease


Question if anyone can help, my 10 yr old has celiac disease he was given heart burn medicine to take every day, he was still complaining about stomach hurting & bad bathroom trips, I have stopped the medicine about a wk ago & has not complained about stomach pains once & no bathroom trips. Anyone else experienced this?

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  1. Yes and stopped mine also it made it worse

  2. Try him with cooled boiled water just let him sip it and it will help. I use this all the time it’s a great easy remedy.

  3. Before they figured out I was Celiac they gave me heart burn meds and it just made me throw up and burned so bad.

  4. Same I stopped it.

  5. Slippery Elm Powder is one of the best things l have used to stop reflux and stomach issues… l make my own capsules .. but you may be able to buy it in capsule form … best wishes ??

  6. Yes I had to stop taking mine too now I only occasionally need a tums

  7. Is it possible that there is gluten in the medication?

  8. Thank you everyone

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