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Hi, I’m looking for advice, please don’t bash. Kind of a long post… a little backstory first: I’m 27 years old. About 1.5 years ago I started feeling awful- no energy, completely drained all the time plus some other female issues (bleeding). I finally went to the dr. in June 2016. After seeing my doctor and having a biopsy (which thankfully was benign), I had my blood tested and found my thyroid levels were low. He had me start taking levothyroxine which I took for about 6 months. In December I had an extreme allergic reaction to what we thought was a different laundry detergent and had to get several steroid shots. For the most part the redness went away but would randomly come back, looks like little blisters. In February I had surgery for the female issues. A month later I still felt awful and continued to break out, so I found a different doctor. she diagnosed me with Hashi’s and changed my meds to Nature Throid, she also added Vitamin D3 5000 and selenium. She recommended i remove gluten from my diet as well to reduce the breakouts. I felt great for a while, the vitamin d3 really helped but now im constantly breaking out. I never had any food allergies before and lived a very healthy life. Now if I eat bread or gluten items I break out really bad, so I avoid those foods. However, I’m struggling because I’ve recently began breaking out worse (which is depressing because I thought I had it under control with the benadryl and hydrocortisone) and I’m not even eating gluten foods.

I plan to make another Dr appointment tomorrow and get referred to an allergist but I’ve been researching and am currently considering trying Hemp or CBD oil. Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m desperate for some relief. I break out mostly on my face, and upper body… its just frustrating because i didn’t have this problem a year ago an my entire face turns red and itchy. Since I’m working on my teaching degree, I really want to get this under control- it’s depressing, embarrassing, and uncomfortable 🙁

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  1. Sometimes my eyes will get red and itchy! My face has broken out in acne but not a rash(other than my eyes)!

    Cbd oil is amazing! I'm not sure about it helping the breakouts but it helps with anxiety and sleep! I actually can relax and pain is minimal!

  2. I don't have advice, but I am sorry you're going through this. I hope you find answers and relief!

  3. I hope you feel better soon and get some answers.please let us know what it is

  4. I'm so sorry! How frustrating. Something else has to be making you break out. Do you eat dairy?

  5. Thank y'all, I'm ready for relief and will update if I find anything that works.

  6. What are you doing to treat the inflammation?

  7. Try magnesium.

  8. You can vape CBD as well.

  9. Perhaps lactose intolerance or is it like psoriasis the rash ? Could be caused by stress or a change you have done a year ago ( as this is when it started ) be careful or soap shampoo etc also the water you shower with ( buy a filter ) and what you dry yourself with ( towel detergent used )

  10. My mother has skin issues similar to this. She's 75 and has Celiac and rheumatoid arthritis as well. Her lips also peel/crust up all day every day. I've given her vitamin E oil to make it more comfortable, which seems to work but I'm trying to get to the bottom of it too. She's just had a levothyroxine increase and we're waiting to see if that helps/is high enough/is something else. Originally we thought the skin reaction was because of the high dose of vitamin D she had been put on. Her skin rash was extensive at that point and seemed to get s bit better after she stopped taking those pills. But she has also increased the amount of milk she's drinking, but it's not like she wasn't drinking dairy before, or like she's drinking much at all (in tea, mainly).

  11. Also need to avoid all dairy! And there is also gluten in soaps, hair, and make-up products. Ask doc about Lupus.

  12. This sounds very similar to what my neighbor went through last year. Have you tried keeping a food journal for a week or so to see what you had on the days that you broke out? That would be very helpful for when seeing the allergist. I would also recommend taking a couple of pictures. She would mainly break out on her face, neck, and chest. She ended up being allergic to basically all meat that wasn't born from hatching from a tick bite.

  13. Do you have asthma?

  14. Following. I am nature thyroid and been breaking out itchy on chest.

  15. Coming off the dairy for a while would be a good start as it is often implicated in allergies. Best of luck!

  16. if you stop bread/gluten and then go back on it after a while – anyone will have an issue/intolerance.
    It's connected to why we don't give wheat to babies until they pass 6 months old, and then gradually – and those babies who have been given it too soon can develop issues.
    Infact, I think, if any food group (that we were once used to from childhood) is removed for a length of time the body will develop an intolerance to it 🙁
    Obviously, if someone is genuinely Coeliac they *should* avoid wheat/gluten.

  17. I get little red type blisters on my cheeks and face in the last couple of years – I am 58 – I think it may be connected to menopause – further hormone changes – I once suspected low grade infection in my gums following dental treatment that I thought was poor, as it's mainly on my right cheek – but it's on both now – but still worse on the right.
    I have also looked into lupus (the butterfly rash symptom, as it looked like that once and that is another auto-immune disease we may be prone to if we have Hashi's), and also rosacea, as that can come from hormone changes and, also, too much wine (which I am guilty of at times).
    When I get the time/energy to get to my doctors I am going to be asking her/him about these things and tests.
    Now I have to use good cleansing and medicated skin care and make up 🙁

  18. Check for gluten in your makeup and body products. Definitely use clean products and keep a food journal to show the allergist.

  19. I have to take dye free synthroid I had a bad blustery type rash from what we believe was the red dye in synthroud.

  20. Try eliminating dairy. I thought I had a problem with lactose but it's all milk products. Watch for product ingredients like whey too. Even dark chocolate bothers me even if ingredients do not list milk

  21. my Doctor recommend something to help my cortisol levels more balanced. It's called allvia brand 7-Keri lotion lotion.

  22. In addition to hashi I have eczema as well. I can only use vanicream soap, face wash, and I use shampoo and conditioner from exederm or vanicream “free and clear” or I will break out. I try to stay away from chemical irritants, here is a decent list: https://www.psico.com/sensitive-skin-care/chemical-irritants/

  23. CBD occurs in Cannabis and Hemp plants. Hemp CBD oil has little medical properties (may be good for digestion, dry skin, etc).
    Thyroid disease is not a qualifying condition to get a medical cannabis card. You can get CBD products in states that sell recreational cannabis. If you live in one of those states, look for a product with ratios of CBD to THC 35:5 or lower THC ratio to avoid psychoactive elements of the THC, but has the benefit of the CBD.

  24. You also have severe gut issues, like leaky gut and candida, look into aip diet to clean you out, I went down to just meat, Veges, and fruit for a year, took away those symptoms, check you b12 and ferritin levels, get to a naturopathic doctor to help, I've been dealing with this for two decades now, clean diet is the key, clean diet is different for each person, the longer you wait to heal your gut the more food intolerances you develop

  25. As others have said try also removing dairy, grains ( to include rice) processed sugar, and anything that comes in a package

  26. Did you get tested? Shingles, chicken pox, etc? If not that definitely an allergy from food and or skin/shampoo products

  27. Eliminate dairy and cheese products (eggs too)

  28. I wouldn't do any sort of self-treatment with hemp or CBD oil until after the allergist testing. You don't want anything to interfere with the testing they will do. Keep in mind you'll have to be off your antihistamines for some days (every doc is different) before they can do a skin test. It's worth it to find out what you actually need to avoid instead of taking a shot in the dark or trying to blanket treat stuff.

  29. Sounds like hives to me. In addition to hashimotos I also have CIU chronic Idiopathic uticaria. It's horrible until you get in under control! I get a monthly Xolair shot to control them! Try Zyrtec and Zantac morning and night… but talk to doc

  30. I use CBD oil from hemp & I don't think either kind will help hives. Have you looked into MCAD (mast cell activation disorder)? BTW, keep your current doc. Any doc that will prescribe Naturethroid, D3, & selenium is a keeper!

  31. I have a similar story to yours. When I was little, I broke out with hives. But they went away. After I had my daughter, I broke out with hives once because of extreme stress. They went away. Then after my son was born, I broke out in hives with facial swelling for almost an entire year after he was born. Like you, I thought that it was laundry detergent, being bit by a spider, Etc. My dr at the time, gave me the bandaid of antihistamine pills to take. Rather than getting to the root of them problem. It took being diagnosed with Hashimoto's 10 years later, by my obgyn/midwife while pregnant. Then going to an allergist a year later to find out that the hives are actually a symptom of the Hashimoto's. Yes, hives are a symptom of Hashimoto's. When I told the allergist that I had been breaking out with hives, he said it didn't surprise him because they are a symptom. Recently I started breaking out with them again, this was after my doctor lowered my medication for 3 months and I gained a tremendous amount of weight during those three months. She ended up switching my medication to tirosint, which has less fillers than the levothyroxine version which contains gluten. I've been on the Tirosent for about 3 months now, and for the most part, the hives have gone away. I've also adjusted my diet. I'm currently doing a Whole30, which I've been kinda doing the last 3 months – but have been sticking to this month.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  32. *** yes I'm aware there are lots of things I can be allergic to. I'm not eliminating anything else from my diet until I see the allergist.

    I simply want to know if anyone has had good results from CBD oil? I don't need any guesses for further diagnosis, I just want to know about CBD. Thank you***

  33. Damien Kincaid this is me!

  34. Sounds like an intolerance. You may need to cut out dairy and nightshades too. Unfortunately, once you have one autoimmune disorder, you are susceptible to others.

  35. Why does everyone feel they need CBD Oil to feel better? Change your diet and see if it helps. It has helped me a lot.

  36. I think i have a cyst again but they say they dont matter ??

  37. Try cutting out foods with Vitamin C ie oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, tomatoes etc. This sounds strange, but another gal and I both have a breakout problem from it. It is crazy cause the body supposedly needs it. All I know is give me any of the above and I get sores on my scalp like acne, on my face and if I get really stupid with what I eat or drink, on my chest. This may not be your problem, but I would try it for two weeks to see. After I am naughty and eat the stuff, it takes about 2 weeks to clear stuff up. Good Luck.

  38. Have you tried the AIP diet?

  39. Gluten is hidden everywhere. I'd you are really sensitive even a tiny amount can give u a skin reaction. Google hidden gluten to see if you are still ingesting it

  40. By breakout do you mean this usually occurs on your face?

    Tiny little blisters or “pustules” sounds like dermatitis. I'd see a dermatologist or an allergy doc.

    It sounds like your becoming more and more sensitized to skin irritants which is usually how dermatitis works. Each time you are exposed to something, you already have antibodies made and ready to react. For example, it could start with exposure to a medical tape adhesive, and then happen more and more because your T-shirt printing has adhesive, the glue from the insoles of your shoes, the adhesive on a band-aid…etc. I'm sorry to hear this! My sister suffered from this and I know how uncomfortable, and frustrating it can be! I've had a reaction on my lips from one brand of chapstick, tiny blisters all around my lips for about two weeks. Last question: does your body itch from what feels like the inside?

  41. I have an initial appointment with an allergist on the 23rd and they will hopefully be able to do the allergy test on the 25th. I have to be off antihistamines for 1 week before the test though.

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