Her bf finishes inside with unprotected sex


Hey ladies, I know we all are open minded in this group so asking Question which is of my friend who’s 30 has 18 months now trying to have another baby for 4 months but still nothing. She’s too much disappointed.

Her bf finishes inside with unprotected sex. She only uses condoms. She wants to know how the best her boy finishes cum inside while stroking discharge or stop and than discharge??

Also any suggestions of better position bc she doesn’t like switching positions if you friends think necessary.
Many thanks in advance

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  1. Allisa let her not stress herself hormones need a relaxed mind to be active.She will concieve

  2. Wow, thanks a lot for all your useful help….. You are all awesome

  3. fertilityfriend.com

  4. if she tracks basal body temperature, she'll see whether she is ovulating in the first place, and when it's occurring. Also, egg-white quality or watery cervical fluid are the most fertile types and therefore good days to have sex to conceive

  5. Yes, 4 months of trying isn't a very long time. She needs to track her ovulation so she knows when her most fertile days are. You can do this using the fertility awareness method, or with special ovulation test kits.

  6. I think she amended her original statement in the comments…They are no longer using condoms.

  7. l think it is hard to get pregnant when your using condom

  8. If they keep using condoms they won't have a baby. Maybe she wants one more child and he doesn't

  9. It can take up to a year for an average, healthy couple to conceive.
    4 months is not that long at all. She needs to give it time.

  10. After 6 months of trying she can ask her ob for clomid…. I was trying for over a year with no luck I was out on clomid and got pregnant in 2 months of using it…. it helps ovulation 🙂

  11. If she is having sex after her period, there is very little chance of her getting pregnant. If an egg is not fertilised and does not embed in the uterine lining, the lining sheds itself, creating your period. She needs to have sex in the days/weeks before her period to maximise her chances of getting pregnant.

  12. Allisa More I hope she has the best of luck getting pregnant. As easy as cunming inside someone sounds sometimes it can be a long process. Does she have any cysts? Pcos? Those can be a factor into getting pregnant along with putting to much stress on your body to get pregnant. As weird as it sounds sometimes the more you have sex and the more stress you put on yourself to get pregnant the longer it will take having sex should be fun and a intimate moments with your partner. Women hate to hear this but relaxing, eating healthy and drinking water are great. Along with taking prenatals ( optional) this is not for all cases however some women get pregnant very easily. The average healthy couple takes 3-6 mobthes to conceive. Tell her to keep her head up 🙂

  13. She has been having sex more after her periods eventually while ovulating though

  14. AIissa I meant, she used condoms after her first baby actually. Now she's not been using for nearly 5 months bc she wants to be pregnant.

  15. Most ob doctors and or any doctor won't do anything until she has been trying for a year. They have apps to track fertility and ovulation tests to better your chances. Chatting your temp works great as well, there is an app for that as well if not combined with a fertility app. Using opks, charting and temping are all ways to increase your chances. Position dose not matter

  16. Are you saying that she uses condoms while having sex to try and conceive? Condoms are a form of protection and prevent pregnancy.

  17. Position has no effect at all.

  18. 4 months of trying is not a lot. She needs to track her ovulation. Any position will do-it's not really about what position you do it in. Has she tried to track her fertility?

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